The End of the Second Amendment?

#GY6vids #GY6nation #Guns #Firearms #HR5087 #assaultweapons #AssaultWeaponsBan2018 #2ndamendment #freedom #Guns #Firearms Are we watching as the second amendment is about to be gutted by a bunch of gutless cowards pretending to uphold the sworn duties which they promised while holding their hands on the Bible?   Seriously people if you are not aware of what […]

Media Bias now Exposed

If you are a constant reader you know that this website is dedicated to exploring how corrupt the media have become. Most recently they have started to suggest that when the Media attacks a candidate that the “Candidate” should not fight back? Now that is something that is a truly amazing thing to say. In […]

Trump Rallies Media Twisted

So once again we saw where the media have attempted to create a double standard, all while keeping a straight face. Difficult at any time but for the rest of humanity, (90 percent) we can see where the media attempt to twist the truth into the media lie. It can be difficult to read between […]

Carly for America?

Breaking news, CNN may update the method by which they choose to decide the candidates who will be in the debate. Will CNN not do the right thing for the American People? Were curious because there are some serious problems with the freedom of the press…   In many ways this story is one that […]