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  • Mask or Jail?

    The idea that you could go to jail for refusing to wear a mask is insanity? More so when you consider that many states have released prisoners from jail because of the risk of getting Covad 19? This is crazy but yet here we are. Recently the Governor of Alabama issued a Mandatory Mask order! […]

  • The End of the Second Amendment?

    #GY6vids #GY6nation #Guns #Firearms #HR5087 #assaultweapons #AssaultWeaponsBan2018 #2ndamendment #freedom #Guns #Firearms Are we watching as the second amendment is about to be gutted by a bunch of gutless cowards pretending to uphold the sworn duties which they promised while holding their hands on the Bible?   Seriously people if you are not aware of what […]

  • The Political Destruction of Donald Trump

    This idea that Donald Trump is a problem for our nation is itself a problem to those who seek to attempt to try to cause issues for America. The problem we all face as Americans is that we have a Media that is out of control. We have a media that is not the press […]

  • Media lie and deny

    It is truly an amazing thing when you witness the Media deny that they have lied. They Lie and Deny… They make fun of the person that accuses them of being dishonest. They say things like “You must not be Ok because we think your crazy” Is it possible that the Media have become so […]

  • brain washing media

    When it comes to lying the Media have no trouble doing what ever they can to convince the audience that what they say is true and what everyone else says is false. It used to work too. Used to…

  • News Media “Promises” to be fair?

    Well the news media has promised to be fair and square.  They want to bury the hatchet, (probably not the way the phrase indicates) They want to heal, they want to put all this misunderstanding behind them. They want to appear that they are fair minded. They want you to forget how stupid they have […]

  • Trump Wins

    Trump Wins the 2016 Election of the United States of America in the face of attacks by the media even by Megyn Kelly who is now changing her tune. They are now admitting that the Polls were just wrong. Now you can see the truth from the media. Now you can see what is happening […]

  • Media Bias now Exposed

    If you are a constant reader you know that this website is dedicated to exploring how corrupt the media have become. Most recently they have started to suggest that when the Media attacks a candidate that the “Candidate” should not fight back? Now that is something that is a truly amazing thing to say. In […]

  • Trump Rallies Media Twisted

    So once again we saw where the media have attempted to create a double standard, all while keeping a straight face. Difficult at any time but for the rest of humanity, (90 percent) we can see where the media attempt to twist the truth into the media lie. It can be difficult to read between […]

  • Removing the landmarks

    Landmarks were setup to mark the way for others to follow… It should not be difficult to understand what happens when you take something away that is just and good from influencing our children and the future they have… Every time yet another tragic circumstance occurs in a school, Everyone says the same thing why […]