Trump 2016 the only choice for America?

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We heard a great speech last night and what you will not hear from the media about this speech is that it was common sense.

We know that Washington is a huge mess.

Washington has been broken for so long that no one really knows how to fix the biggest problems.

Can Trump make America Great Again?

The answer is Yes.

But not by himself and he also knows that is the truth.

There really is just one choice here but the media will do everything they can to distort and create fog around what we need to do to take back this nation and do what needs to be done to address all of these issues that we as a nation face.

You will likely see the media become quite skeptical about making America Great Again.

That is nothing new the media have been doing that for many years and perhaps it is time to begin to ignore the media when they attempt to tell you that what Trump promised is not possible and that is what they will say.

The truth is that if we as a nation do not begin to fix these long standing issues it will not matter what the media says we will face great social problems that cannot be fixed.

That is what the media is going to say.

WE have seen what hope and change is like.

Lets find out what its like to once again be a great nation that does the right thing for America.

Its time that we stop hoping and start doing again.