States Decide not Media!

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In case some are wondering about what is going on in this election what we have here is a huge lie that is being pushed by large corporate media outlets.

This situation is something that has long been a serious issue and that issue is how the media appear to believe that they are in charge of the election.

What we are seeing here is something that could be criminal in nature.

Something that will continue in future elections should criminal behavior not be punished.

As soon as we start seeing people go to jail for election fraud that is when this election will suddenly become very clear!

That is what is missing in this election!




What will happen to America if dishonesty prevails over the Constitution!

You should seriously consider what this means for this nation and IF you are a praying person do not delay neel today.

IF you are not a praying person please consider becoming a believing prayerful partner in lifting up this nation in the name of the truth!

WE know so much about what will happen should the forces of evil prevail in this situation.

Shut down the Oil Industry?

Green New Deal?

2nd Amendment!

The truth here is that IF the result were in favor of Biden then the media would have already called these states for biden.

Indeed the media have done everything to make it appear that Biden is closer to winning than Trump but this is not the case at all!

When you consider this truth then you have to understand that in fact the people have spoken and what is happening now is illegal behavior!

WE need Prayer for this nation because what is happening is not only wrong but dangerous for freedom and the American Way!

Prayer is the only thing that will change the Hearts of this nation.

A Nation founded on the freedom to worship God!