Media Rigged Election?

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In a News story today we have seen the truth exposed about what the media are engaging in during our elections.

Naturally the Media denied that the truth we see is what we have seen over the last several presidential elections.

We as a nation know this to be the truth.

Even after the situation became national news today the media still deny what everyone else knows has been true for years.

We know its the truth and what Trump said is also true.

We know the truth and the media can deny it they can tell you more lies but the truth is still what we know it to be.

That is the problem even the media when caught and called out for their biased behavior, so who do you believe.

The media who deny that they have been biased for years or Trump who is just telling the truth.

There is only one way that you can fight back and that is by voting.


That is what you and your family can do to put an end to this biased garbage.

Most of America is disgusted with the media and how biased they are.

Just have a look on Facebook, you will see it everywhere, but when you search google you will not see the search results.

Is it true?

You bet it is and again the only way to put an end to the biased behavior of the media is to call them out on this by voting.