Media deception Media Bias

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The third and final debate is history and the only talking points the media could get out of it was the unfair and unbalanced question that Chris Wallace asked.

The question was unfair because it did not include a standard of journalistic excellence.

Here is the question,

Your running mate Governor Pence, He and You, (his words) will absolutely accept, the results of this election, Today your daughter Ivanka said the same thing, I want to ask you here on this stage tonight, do you make the same commitment, that you will absolutely (sir) that you will absolutely accept the results of this election. 

First what is the basis for this question?

How does it benefit the American People?

How was this a fair question?

First of all it makes no sense, to bring personal references into a conversation as if it were a valid question…

Second it serves no purpose, it is not worthy of a journalist standard.

I applaud Mr Trump for choosing Not to answer the question because it was an unfair “Gotcha” Question.

I just wonder what the media think they have got?

If you remove the personal references, the Vice Presidential Running mate and his daughter from this question how then do you ask the question?

If you cannot normally ask a question in a debate format then that question is wrong and is below the standard of journalist acceptability.

That is what creates the poor performance of Mr Wallace.

Now when you compare the job of moderating a debate with the much poorer performances of the other debate moderators then naturally Mr. Wallace came out good, with the exception of a few leading questions and a few unacceptable questions which were not in turn asked of Hillary Clinton.

If your going to bring up a question that is unproven and has no factual basis then you have a real problem with the American Voting Public.

Mr. Wallace performed poorly because he did not ask questions of the same sort to Hillary Clinton.

While he did bring up some questions that were better than any other moderator to date, he did not equally question Hillary with the same kinds of questionable questions, which certainly were available to Mr. Wallace, yet he choose not to pursue those questions.

An example of an equal question to Hillary would have been something like, “Your husband said that Obama care was the “Craziest thing in the world” his words, as president what would you do to put an end to americans loosing their doctors and loosing their health care?

But he did not do that did he?

Later he choose to bring up unrelated and unproven accusations concerning a civil matter in florida.

There are plenty of other issues that he could have brought up that would have equally embarrassed Hillary but yet he did not do that.

Why is that?

I saw a lot of praise for Mr. Wallace, mostly because he was not as biased as the other moderators however that is not the same thing as a great performance as an objective reporter and moderator.

Mr. Wallace did not moderate the debate in a fair and balanced way.

For that he failed.