Undeniable Political Interloper

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The Media have been making hay recently about a few comments that Donald Trump made about perhaps limiting the freedom of the press to engage in destructive politics.

This is a good question and one that should be debated.

The Media and the Press might object and then point to the constitution however those that drafted the constitution never even dreamed that the press would become so corrupt that they would seek to interject themselves into the election process in a bad way.

Evil many might say…

Has the press become evil?

Should they be able to run around putting out fraudulent news stories as if they were real news stories?

Many years ago there was such a thing as yellow journalism.

Many thought that it was long dead however that is not the case Yellow Journalism is alive and well the only problem is that the case for Yellow Journalism was long ago cast for the social scene and indeed there still exists gossip magazines and the like that still publish stories that are sure to raise the eyebrows of many a reader.

Those are different and perhaps in some cases they are still appropriate to the eyes of the public or the reader of many a page.

The greatest problem we have now is what once was known for serious publishing of news have now begun to publish as if they were a gossip magazine writing anything and everything as if it were indeed for entertainment or gossip.

Those publications that use satire to “poke fun” at the world are also known for the content of its pages and no one takes them seriously unless you happen to be one of those people that have been “Taken by little green men” Those publications people take with a grain of salt.

Most people certainly recognize that just because a magazine publishes a picture of “the Baby of an Alien” realize that its mostly for entertainment and that is what form it takes most people know this up front and so when you are standing in line at the local A and P then you know about what those papers are really about, its entertainment and most of the time that is how those papers make a living then entertain the reader regardless of if there is really an alien clild out there somewhere with an extra set of appendages no one really takes those seriously or if they do then most of the time those people are not really “serious” themselves.

You see it is about what we know and what we should know however that situation has changed.

We now have a situation where people can smear and clear a person without having to face the courts or any retribution.

They did it to Mitt Romney, John McCain and now Donald Trump…

There is only one problem we have here these publications and TV stations, do not have protection to be an interloper.


When this happens you have a debate that become two against one.

When that happens it is no longer a debate at all.

In these situations there must be a method of holding the so called “Press” to account for what they choose to publish when it has been proven to be nonsense or trumped up, nonsense.

Which sort of makes it a funny thing does it not?

This certainly gives new meaning to the term Trumped Up…

We cannot afford to have the Press taking sides, it is not only morally wrong it is a sickness.

What really is difficult is that when the media chooses to “Interfere” with an election in favor of one candidate over another it becomes a problem.

A problem that Congress must fix.

It is not a problem for a president to fix, however it is a good thing to think about, it is something that must be examined.

Which brings us to the final thought of this article or prose which ever you prefer, should the press, the media, TV, Radio, ect, be given the ability to engage in political sabotage, choosing sides, picking presidents, influencing the outcomes of elections?

Is that what they were and are to us now?

What happens next?

We already have most every high profile case exposed to the media and we have often seen criminal and civil cases decided in the media, cases tried in the media.

Judge Jury Executioner?