Donald Trump 45

The next President of the United States of America has been elected and has taken office.

The Media continued its negative slanted coverage for the most part however there was one exception at least for a day.

Fox News had some fairly decent coverage except for a couple of poorly thought out comments by a few bobble heads.

Over all it was a very good day for America and that is what this day should be about.

The problem is that there was propaganda and the media took the bait sinking to new lows even for these people.


Denial and Managing Grief

Apparently everyone but the Media are fully aware that their candidate did not win the election.

They are having a hard time…

It can be difficult when your candidate does not win and as someone that has in the past seen this happen to others you can be somewhat sympathetic but not this time.

The reason why this is the truth is that most people realize just how devious and destitute the media have become.

People are sick of it. 


Why Fox News is refusing to call Georgia for Trump

There is a real question going on here that many believe could create serious distrust for the network of Fox news.

They are refusing to call Georgia for Donald Trump.

There is a less than 5 percent chance that Clinton can win…

Yet Fox news is refusing to tell the truth about Georgia.


Polls opening soon

The Polls are opening soon and the Media are Foaming at the mouth to start proclaiming victory for their chosen candidate.

In fact they have spent the last week trying to rehabilitate their candidate.

They have been telling you for months that Donald Trump cannot Win that is is already over.

But is that not funny?

Guess what you can do today that will make a big different and shut up the Media?

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election coverage who cares?

Who really cares about how the media are covering the election because

“At this Point What Difference does it make?”

The Holidays are upon us and you can already see “Black Friday” Sales which are not really sales at all when you look at what the price discounts are however it does appear that the media is in panic mode trying to find something they can use to suppress the vote for Donald Trump.

That is just shameful when the Media choose to interfere and attempt to undermine the result and the vote of the American People.


Megyn Kelly Fired?

Should Megyn Kelly be fired for biased news reporting?

This is a serious issue folks because if you accuse one of being a Sexual Predator then certainly that same issue should be applied to another person that is likely the real deal when it comes to being a predator.

Yet, Megyn Kelly refused to say the same thing about Bill Clinton as she did when she suggested that Donald Trump was a sexual predator?

Now that is something that is just hard to understand.


New Polls Show Donald Trump Way ahead

The more you see the media pumping up these polls and the more you see them use words like Struggling, Trying, No Path to Victory?

The more you know they are scared to death.

They are scared and they should be as there are polls that show Donald Trump up by 40 points.

Clinton way behind in the (Real) Polls but the media ignore it.

This is why you cannot trust the media…

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Undeniable Political Interloper

The Media have been making hay recently about a few comments that Donald Trump made about perhaps limiting the freedom of the press to engage in destructive politics.

This is a good question and one that should be debated.

The Media and the Press might object and then point to the constitution however those that drafted the constitution never even dreamed that the press would become so corrupt that they would seek to interject themselves into the election process in a bad way.

Evil many might say…


Media ignore’s devastating flooding

The Media have largely been ignoring the tremendously devastating and deadly flooding from hurricane Matthew.

Why is that?

Fox news is barely showing anything but Donald Trump and his locker room conversation from 11 years ago.

Could Fox news be endangering lives by ignoring the real news while trying to attack Donald Trump for a private conversation from 11 years ago.

This is incredible. 

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Pandering Political Pundits

Pandering is not really a nice word but that does not seem to stop all of these so called Washington Insiders from constantly trying to defeat Donald Trump…

That is really interesting because so far it has not worked well for them.

(Many of them are now Former Politicians)

When you hear the media crying about how Donald Trump has done this or Donald Trump has done that it makes me want to cheer.

Want to know more…