Polls opening soon

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The Polls are opening soon and the Media are Foaming at the mouth to start proclaiming victory for their chosen candidate.

In fact they have spent the last week trying to rehabilitate their candidate.

They have been telling you for months that Donald Trump cannot Win that is is already over.

But is that not funny?

Guess what you can do today that will make a big different and shut up the Media?




Sadly that means that if your a certain type of democrat that means you might decide to take that literally.

But I would not do that because seriously its illegal and you could go to jail and on top of that its not going to be as easy as it was in the past.

People are really tired of the dead voting.

They are tired of the lies of the far far left.

They are sick and tired of the cheaters that vote more than once.

They are tired of the public corruption’s that do not fit into our values as a nation.

So now is your chance you might at times question where this nation is headed and how far down we might fall if we continue to go the way we have in the past?

Now is you time to tell the media to Shut Up.