Media ignore’s devastating flooding

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The Media have largely been ignoring the tremendously devastating and deadly flooding from hurricane Matthew.

Why is that?

Fox news is barely showing anything but Donald Trump and his locker room conversation from 11 years ago.

Could Fox news be endangering lives by ignoring the real news while trying to attack Donald Trump for a private conversation from 11 years ago.

This is incredible. 

Even ABC is covering the new better than fox news.

When the news ceases to cover the suffering of the people then is it really news?

Fox news has been so focused on attacking Donald Trump that they have ignored the actual News opting to cover a manufactured news item from 11 years ago, that is just insanity.

Even the UK, is covering the flooding while the US media ignore it.

That is crazy, so Fox is so shameful that they would rather attack Trump than to cover the real news.

That could create a really terrible situation where Fox implodes and self destructs.

The media and google is blacking out flood news why is this happening?

We are getting close to an out of control media that is beginning to threaten the safety of Americans.

Many people only have access to national news, what happens when someone travels a road and then encounters flooding they did not know about because the media is not covering the news?

That is dangerous behavior and it is not excusable.

@foxnews your lost you need to find your way back to who you were before you starting hating Donald Trump more than you hated media bias.

You made your name with covering the news that the rest of the media ignored now your just like everyone else, corrupt.