Denial and Managing Grief

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Apparently everyone but the Media are fully aware that their candidate did not win the election.

They are having a hard time…

It can be difficult when your candidate does not win and as someone that has in the past seen this happen to others you can be somewhat sympathetic but not this time.

The reason why this is the truth is that most people realize just how devious and destitute the media have become.

People are sick of it. 

People are sick and tired of how the media are acting about this election and how they are infectiously trying to continue to influence the public perception of this president.

They tried to say that he would not be around for long.

During the start of the presidential election cycle the media said that Donald Trump would not be a candidate long that it was just a publicity stunt and that soon he would quite.

But that did not happen…

Then they said well this has been interesting but he will never win the nomination of the republican party.

But he did…

Then they said IF he gets the nomination he will never be president.

But he did get the nomination.

Then they said that Hillary would win and that Trump had no chance to win at all.

That said this over and over and over again and again and again…..


They continued to say this until a lot of people became hypnotized.

They wanted it to be true so badly that they were willing to risk every thing…

Over and over again they were wrong…

But they did not learn from this and even now they are still at it.

They are trying to fight his presidency before he becomes president.

They tried to change the outcome of the election but they failed and now they are still trying to undermine the will of the people.

What does this say about what the media have become?