Tax liars and cheats Thugs in New Jersey?

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Imagine for a moment that you live in a state where they have employed a corporate (alleged thug) to evaluate your property so that they can increase the value of your home in order to collect more taxes, if you reject what they represent which is total authority, (allegedly) then they can and will subjugate the constitution in an effort to tax you without representation.

Is this not what the Constitution was all about?

Stopping as hostile authority from oppressing the people…

This may be one of the most important actions in the entire United States of America.

But the media has not covered it at all, ask yourself why that is.

Ask Governor Christie why this corporate (alleged thug and thuggery tactic using company) is allowed to operate and engage in what could be construed as harassment and an attempt at threatening a resident in order to ensure the compliance of everyone else?

Imagine what might happen if no one stood up for this woman and her family what if the Governor does nothing but looks the other way as a family is devoured by an allegedly greedy company with possible ties to other parts of the government?

We don’t know but we should find out, Who is this company why are they allowed to threaten and harass, (allegedly possible) a family that has done no wrong.

No due process, No factual evidence, yet this woman is forced to give up the only means of effectively protecting her home from thieves and robbers any of whom might now know where this woman lives…

Think about that we now have a state that has allowed a woman to be disarmed on hearsay?

Is this the America you want for your children?

What about the Election in 2014 you better be planning on voting now, make sure you have time to vote on election day, dont sit at home thinking that everyone else will vote for you…

Contact Governor Christy its not hard all you have to do is to Google it, the reason these things happen is because we allow them to happen we allow our elected officials to do nothing when our rights are threatened by private corporations effecting allegedly unfair taxation against its own citizens.

Sit down and do nothing and they will come to your home next.