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  • republican debate, Rubio Ties with Christie

    Do not let the media mislead you, Tonight some serious changes took place. Here is My Opinion. Rubio Christie Trump As Marco is dominating tonight’s debate, the attacks keep coming, and that’s why we need to know RIGHT NOW:  DO YOU SUPPORT MARCO RUBIO?    YES!     NO   After you vote in our poll, we hope you will stand with…

  • chris christie

    Is Chris Christie a bully or is the media just lying to you over and over again.  We see the media and liberals try to paint an ugly picture but the truth is clear.

  • Tax liars and cheats Thugs in New Jersey?

    Imagine for a moment that you live in a state where they have employed a corporate (alleged thug) to evaluate your property so that they can increase the value of your home in order to collect more taxes, if you reject what they represent which is total authority, (allegedly) then they can and will subjugate…

  • Chris Christie bows out

    Well a lot of people wanted him to run But in the end he probably wisely avoided The issue by endorsing the loosing candidate. What? Well Mitt Romney is not likely to win…   I really like this guy because you know what, he is honest, and that is a great thing.

  • Christie for president?

    Will he run, or will he not run,  Wow, when you listen to this man talk, he makes sense, and I think people like that.

  • Chris Christie

    This guy is down to earth, he is honest to the point of brutality, (hey it the shoe fits dude) And the liberal media cant wait to start making fat jokes, but considering how liberal they are and how tolerant they are, would it not be a sort of nasty business to do what they…

  • Unions win special interests?

    what is it about the unions that they seem to always get the better end of the stick? We have to ask, Is Fox news a real news company? Why has fox news not covered this news story? What up, and why has Fox news failed to cover this news item, could it be that…