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  • Say good bye to the internet?

    Are we all so disconnected from reality that were about to sit around and do nothing while Washington Hands over the keys to the internet? This is something that everyone should be able to quickly understand why it is against the interest of all Americans to give away oversight control over the internet. Yet, here […]

  • Never apologize to those that care not.

    Weakness is something that when dealing with the media is a big problem, often the media tend to fixate, (good term,) They choose a few words or a testy exchange between two people. Then they run with that and talk all about how bad you are. But, in real life would you sit there and […]

  • Housing market on the up…

    So, if your looking for a home, This is probably the best time you will ever find to actually buy that dream home you have always wanted. The reason why this is true is a simple one, interest rates are down, but they will go up likely starting just after the 2016 election. So that […]

  • What if people just stopped watching…

    Think about the medias most difficult moment, the one they realize that people really do not necessarily need to even watch the news anymore. We can get a tweet or we can get an email on our phones. We don’t really have to watch the garbage commercial promoting some local barn or mall.   Were […]

  • Tea Party Vs GoPee

    Oops, yes there is some serious mud slinging going on in Mississippi, where we have a good man but as they used to say years ago he has moss growing on his back. The Tea Party and the Gop are duking it out while the democrats sit back and laugh at how dumb, allegedly, the […]

  • Too Busy to Vote…

    Are you too busy to vote. If you are like many Americans who apparently do not really care about what is going on around them then you may be too busy to vote. This is becoming a serious problem, in fact in the last two elections a low percentage of people actually bothered to vote. […]

  • Health care nightmares?

    You might think that the Grinch has created this present health care scare but that would only be a comparison. A friend relates this story that did not have to be… A mother of two children who had no insurance came into the emergency room and was diagnosed with pneumonia. The Emergency room treated with […]

  • America votes in 2014

    Now is the time that America will stand or fall, will you sit on your couch and watch the election play out the way that the media would like? Or will you put an end to the stupid media and the ignorance they keep displaying?   Vote in 2014 because you may not have another […]

  • Racism the truth about the media?

    Is the media racist? It is something that you certainly need to think about because you are what you eat… If you sit in front of a TV set all day and consume programming that is designed to be racist then what do you think will happen to your own thought processes? Is it not […]

  • Anti Zimmerman Protests?

    Were protests organized by elements of the White House Administration? There have been reports that this may be true, but what does that say about America? You may be thinking how is this possible, have we become what we feared in 1984? This is Unbelievable… Can we afford to allow this to continue… Vote in […]