Liars, why do they continue to lie under oath?

These people have been sworn in and they still refuse to tell the truth. This should concern all Americans.

When you Vote in 2014 and in 2016 Remember this…

Remember that these are the kinds of people that will be running and enforcing health care in this nation?

Is that true or is it just another co-incidence.

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IRS: Liars, Thieves, Thugs,

Cowards and Hypocrites

As you can see in the above headline and you can read more about it here.

People are upset and angry about what has happened and they need to be upset but more importantly they need to vote.

[kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”108″ color=”#cc0000″ ]Vote..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1]

If you do not vote in 2014, it is your own fault, because this is serious in fact it is probably the most important election we have seen in many years.

What will you do in 2014 will you sit back and just wait for someone else to decide what the truth is?

Imagine what life would be like if no one was ever accountable…

If no one could ever remember what they should have done?

If no one can ever recall anything that comes out of their mouths?

If you watch the TV you can see these people with a straight face tell lie after alleged lie after lie.

They do it thinking that what they will not have to answer for what they say?

It is time to stop this abuse of the American People.

Vote in 2014…



Tax liars and cheats Thugs in New Jersey?

Imagine for a moment that you live in a state where they have employed a corporate (alleged thug) to evaluate your property so that they can increase the value of your home in order to collect more taxes, if you reject what they represent which is total authority, (allegedly) then they can and will subjugate the constitution in an effort to tax you without representation.

Is this not what the Constitution was all about?

Stopping as hostile authority from oppressing the people…

This may be one of the most important actions in the entire United States of America.

But the media has not covered it at all, ask yourself why that is.

Ask Governor Christie why this corporate (alleged thug and thuggery tactic using company) is allowed to operate and engage in what could be construed as harassment and an attempt at threatening a resident in order to ensure the compliance of everyone else?


Stimulus a Bust?

Is stimulus a scam, a bust, and if it is, should President Obama be blamed for it?

The question deserves an answer, and even if you think that the President walks on water, and or had no knowledge of criminal acts being committed by companies that received money from the stimulus program, you have to know that no matter what someone has to stand up and take responsibility even if they do not feel responsible, sure you can blame someone for what is your responsibility, but in the long run the President is the last word in many instances, if something was going on and the people he had in charge of these issues were not doing their jobs, then yes, it is his fault because as Chief as commander, he is responsible.

A solar panel company that allegedly received 500 million stimulus dollars is now broke, it would be interesting to see if someone got big bonuses, last Christmas.

If they did, why is this, and why are they not being sued for wasting tax payer money?

That is the thing that everyone should be concerned about.

Where is all that stimulus money, do we have thieves that need to be in jail because they are, Criminals?

So in reality can the president stop these criminals, (if that is what they are and it would seen so) (allegedly)

Perhaps, and that may be why they are investigating, the thing here is this why did they not make sure that crooks would not get this money in the first place?

How many of these companies are out there, that allegedly took the money and then filed bankruptcy?

Can the White House be expected to be responsible for what a criminal would do if given the opportunity?

The answer has to be no, but after they know there is a problem then certainly they must do something about it.

Preferably, without hurting any one in the process unless they happen to be the criminals that is.



Donald Trump

Could The Donald really become president?

Most seem to dismiss him, but you know when you listen to what the man has to say you have to at least agree that what he is saying is certainly valid, we must contain the out of control Senate and the liberals in congress, as well as Washington, the days of the sweet heart deals must be over if America is ever to once again be a great nation.

Can he do it, or will he run at all, some think so other say no, but naturally controversy seems to follow him around everywhere he goes.

I mean it almost seems impossible, but are we not in a different place now than when we were on the last election? The facts remain that people never like to be told how they can live and you would think that over the years that liberal progressives would have learned from the mistakes of the past.

Think about that for a moment, in every single instance this “Progressive Plan” has been tried in the past the people put an end to it, even when it was tried here in the US it failed, in fact it fails every time.

Simply because in a world without people the plan would work but without people the plan is absurd.

Yes, still they try to convince us the moon is really made out of cheese?

Could it be possible?

Might the American People have an appetite for watching the next president of the United States, “Fire” some people who have ignored the will of the American people in favor of special interests?

We know that people want hope and change…

See the video below.

Just not the kind of hopelessness and partisan politics we have seen over the last three years, you know If I truly thought that the Donald could do it, I might vote for him.

What could be worse than what we have now in Washington?

The place is full of crooks, Liars, and Thieves, I am thinking that Donald Cannot do any worse here.

Most people are not taking the man seriously and perhaps that is difficult to do but what if…

What if he could do it, What if he could turn around this nations irrational habits that started over the past few years.

What if we had a man that was not afraid to fire a few people who have grossly mishandled their positions.

What if we had a man who would run this country like a business because is that not what we really are?

A nation of business people working at business related jobs, business related homes, cars, transportation, banks, everything in this nation is some how related to a business, from the place where you buy your food to the place where you get your oil changed.

When we have Washington that is not for business but allegedly against it, you have to know that our commerce will suffer.

I say we could do much worse.


Aarp apology mistake

Democrats fail 25 to 30 seat loss in the senate?

With headlines, like Washington goes to court to stop state from protecting itself from thieves, murders, and drug dealers.

Will the democrats loose it all over ignorance?

Some polls are showing that the democrats are sure to loose a huge percentage this November, due to one mess after another, and all the spin in the world will not help the situation at all. Democrats can say what ever they want but the truth will set you free.

Everyone is sick of all the lies, and the American people will vote the democrats out of office, because they deserve it.