where is the Affordable Care Act…

Health care, has been and will continue to be a topic that is debated and argued for years to come however the truth about the affordable health care act is that it is really difficult to find.   Have you seen it? Because we would like to find it and help out a few people […]

Media talking points?

Do the media have talking points and if they do is that really what the media should be doing? Think about it, how can the media report on the news if they have points that they want to achieve that may preclude the proper reporting of the news.   Over the last two days, the media […]

Health care no more

The truth about the condition of the health care system is becoming a thing that were it known would be very alarming. Health care truths, Younger doctors are not as well trained. Physician assistants are even less informed about medicine and treatment procedures. RN nurses can be biased and uncaring, along with a lack of […]

2014 election coming up

The next political chapter in what has recently become a rather bizarre treatise on who is to blame for everything under the sun. Its almost like a game show. “Welcome to the Blame Bush show” Yes folks today and today only you can blame Bush for everything under the sun, want to feel better about […]