Barbara Boxer Liar?

Is this woman a Liar?

Today we watched something that transpired on the Senate Floor and it reminded us about something else that happened some time ago.

Is it time to stop supporting these people that keep on causing problems for the rest of us?


Fools in charge

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat seems to think that dishonesty is something that is ok…

The thing is it is not ok and this woman is an example of why and what is wrong with America.

We need to stop electing people like this, just look at this woman and you will see what is wrong…

 It is time to elect other people…


Sorry Ashley Judd

Well for a short time Ashley had an idea of becoming a political contender, but in reality I think she probably should stick to singing and acting, it pays better and you don’t have to get out of bed knowing you have lied to everyone about everything to get where you are at least as an actress she can say that she has not taken every thing and given nothing in return.

She is a very attractive girl but she would be like planting a delicate orchid, in the middle of the tar pits, what don’t like that one try this instead.


Tax liars and cheats Thugs in New Jersey?

Imagine for a moment that you live in a state where they have employed a corporate (alleged thug) to evaluate your property so that they can increase the value of your home in order to collect more taxes, if you reject what they represent which is total authority, (allegedly) then they can and will subjugate the constitution in an effort to tax you without representation.

Is this not what the Constitution was all about?

Stopping as hostile authority from oppressing the people…

This may be one of the most important actions in the entire United States of America.

But the media has not covered it at all, ask yourself why that is.

Ask Governor Christie why this corporate (alleged thug and thuggery tactic using company) is allowed to operate and engage in what could be construed as harassment and an attempt at threatening a resident in order to ensure the compliance of everyone else?


The news story no one is covering?

Raise the debt, Raise the Debt you can almost here the mythic chanting of the democrats but when will the media cover the real story here and that is a simple thing, when you have spent as much money as you can spend and you can spend no more money because you already are in so much debt from whom will you borrow more money?

The one aspect that no one is covering including Fox news is the very real fact that when your at your limit in borrowing capacity, you cannot get another loan, simply because that is not the way it works. For a majority of Americans, the idea of getting a loan is like winning the lottery, they simply do not have the ability to do that because they have already borrowed as much as they can.

When a man or a woman goes to the bank and says, hey I need another loan please, the bank will look at that persons credit and then say well Mr. John Q Public, I would love to lend you more money but you have not paid back the last loan you got from this bank and in fact you have not paid back any of the last four loans we gave you so the answer is No, you cannot borrow any more money. 

That is what would happen in the real world if any one of you were to go to the bank with an outstanding loan far in excess of what you were capable of paying back, but apparently we have some in Washington that are playing around like this is some kind of big game where they are in a back smoke filled room playing poker and they put down the title to their Mercedes Benz because they have run out of cash and they really “think” that this is the hand that will get them all the money back they have already lost.

Well you know what happens next right, the guy looses, because he is so desperate to win that he has failed to realize that the game is stacked against him and all the players are cheating him and he does not even know it because he is so convinced that he is going to win but the truth is that he has already lost.

So, the Senate has refused to do the right thing, led by Democrat Harry Reid, and they are now threatening that they may allegedly take matter into their own hands, which would be treason, yes you heard right the option that some are discussing in the news is Treason and might be punishable by criminal law.

But lets put all that aside for one moment and pretend that no one is on any one side or the other in this issues.

Lets say that there is some kind of measure that is passed allowing the USA to borrow more money, (WHO is going to lend it to them?) Who would be that stupid, because they already have so much of our debt, that we can never pay it back unless we stop what we are doing pull back the sheets and the covers on the walls and let the sunlight into the room, open the windows and let the fresh air in so that people can make honest decisions.

It is time to make a decision, to start cutting out the things that we do not need, like the Arts funding, and yes, even the subsidies, for corn and for the Gas companies, we need to examine the budget line by line and find out where the waste is and get rid of it, it is not impossible as some are reporting in the news, we just need to make some serious decisions.

The first step would be to have members of congress pay for their own health care just like everyone else in the USA, get that, it would save millions upon millions of dollars.

Yet, that is not even considered, right?

WE can do this we just have to make the right decisions, we don’t need to be giving Public Radio, money, we don’t need to give Acorn money, we don’t need to give millions to organizations with a political agenda, that is not what the tax payer monies were meant to do.

I would be happy with the promises that then Senator Obama, made with regard to special interests, in Government, Lobbyists, and all manner of special wavers were issued, buy why, do we really need to have the wants of the few outweigh the needs of the many?

That is something that we all need to consider and you dont have to be on one side or the other to make the right decision.

There are wants and there are needs, we are down to what we can afford and that is the needs of the American people.

Do the right thing congress, Whitehouse, the American People are depending upon you to do the right thing.


CNN truth or lies?

Biased media, can we trust them

or are they all just liars?


is this woman a liar? 

or is she just sick?

TSA jackass TSA jerks TSA thugs

Woman detained for documenting TSA abuse?

screaming OPT OUT, OPT OUT, OPT OUT,


Screaming and yelling, what good does that do, if someone were in fact in there to do damage they would act right away, which means that the person yelling and screaming, would likely be the victim I wonder if they fully understand that?

From a security standpoint, I can tell you they do not, in security, it is much easier to control a situation when the perpetrator, does not yet know your going to take them down.

What is going on, over at the TSA, is this a Police state?

I want to know where in the constitution the TSA has the authority to abuse the public in this way?

A Woman who recorded the incident on a cell phone was detained,

(might as well call it what it is, alleged arrest)

So now you cant document abuse using a cell phone because the TSA will detain you?

Excuse me but where in the constitution does it give them the right to do this?

Because I want to know?

I want to know where in the constitution the TSA have the Authority to Suppress freedom of speech?

I want to know where the ACLU is, on this issue and why have we not heard from them?

I want to know why we have not heard from other organizations?

Warning the video below contains adult language…

TSA attorney

Woman: alleges that TSA Agents Singled her out For her Breasts

The very idea that men would choose a woman so they could have a look under the hood, allegedly that is just shameful, but in reality, is it really a big surprise?

Ok, you know what this is just going too far, if you have had issues with TSA employees, who have not acted professionally please visit this website.

Enough is Enough they are not allegedly doing to keep people safe as they claim but rather allegedly they are doing this to provoke and irritate people into submitting to radiation that could prove in the future to be harmful.

Why do we have to go down paths that have already been trodden and found to be a failure?

Sort of makes you wonder, if they refused this technology in Europe then why do it here at the cost of Millions and Millions of dollars, this is why people are allegedly laughing at the USA, because of how stupid apparently we are to follow in a path to failure yet expect a different outcome.

That people is insanity.

Vote them out, in 2012, because if you do not vote you cant complain when all this hope and change comes home to roost on you.

So the guys picked a girl with rather allegedly large breasts so they could allegedly either see or somehow view them this is just wrong and you know what, it did not stop any problems.