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  • shameful media

    The practice of munipulating surveys and polls to generate talking points for the media to “Play Around” with is beginning to really stink to the American People and the World. The single greatest issue is something you might not really consider to be true. Some people do not realize that these polls are faulty and […]

  • Democrats to Republicians

    Spin Spin Spin, Deny, Delay, Defend… Did the Democrats just come out and say to the American people that were sorry that you’re too stupid to understand what we want to do? Even though there apparently are a lot of really stupid people out there and that millions of them actually took the time to […]

  • Heavy voter turnout…

    In this election year we are beginning to see something that the liberals are terrified of and that is voter turn out. They fear it like nothing else because it means that the alleged voter fraud that they engage in year after year is not as effective as it once was. Its time to vote […]

  • Why Polls Mean Nothing…

    This year as in the past the Media (liberal therof, non reporting media) except when it benefits their agenda, usually begin to report how polls tell this what will happen in the future. The funny thing actually laughable thing here is that Polls really dont mean a thing in this or any election mostly because […]

  • Voting time, 2014 election

    IT is soon going to be time to get out and to vote. This year may be the most important election in the history of this nation. The truth about this election is that it will be decided by those that do vote. If you choose to not vote this year everything could change…

  • Unconstitutional

    Imagine politicians running for office and this is how they treat you? Its time to vote those people out of office.  They have forgotten that they serve at the will of the people. 

  • 2014 elections

    The United States Senate is in play this year and it is very likely that Harry Reid the only man in history to ever serve a term as the leader of the Senate and NOT PASS a BUDGET in the first four years of serving. How does that even happen. By Chris Stirewalt. For a […]

  • A divided Political party cannot stand

    The saying that a nation or anything really where its members and citizens are divided cannot stand this goes for a political party as well, the GOP is in serious trouble and they do not even know what is going on.  They are divided they are clueless and they will fail to win elections.  Unless… […]

  • Dumbo comes to Washington…

    Think you know much about how stupid senators could create problems for everyone else but themselves?  (allegedly) Now think about this, its time to vote this guy out of office…  

  • Tax liars and cheats Thugs in New Jersey?

    Imagine for a moment that you live in a state where they have employed a corporate (alleged thug) to evaluate your property so that they can increase the value of your home in order to collect more taxes, if you reject what they represent which is total authority, (allegedly) then they can and will subjugate […]