fake news censorship?

Are we looking at the beginning of censorship by republicans and democrats in congress?

The truth about how difficult this issue is and how it came into the main stream media is something that should be examined for what it really is and not by the sub standards of liars in the press.


Fake news as defined by the media is nothing more than censorship.

The problem with this so called fake news is real…

Who and what is the real fake news that you will not see on TV…


Can you see the bias?

I like the idea that you can see the common sense of what is real…

I love this guy he is always serious and I like it…

This man speaks the truth and that is something that is so evident.

WE know the truth and We the People are going to show just how corrupt the media actually are.

The truth will set you free from the enslavement of the media liars.


Gun Control Failure

As much as we would like to believe that we can control everything around us and everyone in our lives the truth is plain and simple, Emotional laws do not stop gun violence.

Take Chicago for a great example of how Gun Control does not work.

We have thousands of Gun Control Laws right now.

Thousands. . .

Laws do not stop the law breakers from doing bad things…

Just as foolish wish full thinking does not defeat ones enemies in war.

The sad truth is that from the beginning of recorded history people have done very bad things.

Keep in mind this was long before guns were invented.

Just watch a video about turmoil in the middle east where they have almost no guns in the civilian population.

What they do is to pickup a rock…

Perhaps its hard to understand the truth about things like the weather where no matter what you do water will flood your home.

No amount of laws will change human nature and trying to control something like the weather with a law would be just as equally foolish.

We know human nature is what it is, we have a choice every day when we wake up..

Just as the man that chose to take the lives of nine people could have chosen to not go to that school and murder people, the thing is most of us do the right thing.

We get up in the morning and we go about our lives most of the time hoping that our neighbors are also doing the same thing.

Stones are like guns in many ways…

There are so many of them that you cannot get them all…

They are everywhere…


If there were no rocks people would pickup sticks and sharpen them…

This is so simple to understand, you cannot take away the nature of a person.

They have a choice and most of the time its not the bad that people choose its the good that they choose to do.


You may feel differently…

That is your choice…

You cannot take away the human right to choose, even if that choice is a terribly bad thing, all you can do is pay attention to what is going on and when another human being begins to post things on Facebook or by their behavior they begin to seek help by acting up or trying to get your attention, then its time to take action and help or get someone that can help.

You can pass a million laws but no president can stop what happens when bad people or mentally ill people choose to do harm, all we can do is to protect our children by providing trained security that are armed.

You might think that had there been a security guard with a gun that perhaps this may have been avoided.

You would be mostly correct and the truth is we don’t know for sure but one thing we do know is that this most recent tragedy might have been avoided had the one security guard been armed.

But this was a gun free zone, which left young people exposed to violence by a criminal or someone that was mentally or perhaps in this case someone that was a muslim.

We again do not know, but one thing seem clear the media are not our friends.

Sure they provide drama and they tear up and they talk about how terrible these horrible situations are.

But what they do not do is to report the truth.

They lie because they cannot help it, its possible that the media are as sick as those that choose to do harm to innocents.

Then we have politician that comes out and talks about gun control when his home town has the tightest gun laws in the nation and there are hundreds more murders and rapes every year?


Yet he has the temerity  to come out and tell a falsehood to all the american people and try to tell us its just rain…

Its not and we know the difference the only person that he fooled yesterday was himself.

So, all in all we feel for those families that were affected but the media will likely find it quite difficult to get people from this community to adhere to the media false flag narrative.

The media are liars and we all know it, What is not funny is all those large corporations out there that support the media liars.

Those are the real threat to our liberty.

Big corporations that spend millions advertising on Broadcast Television…

They support the media lie.

But it does not have to be this way.

Its a simple thing really, just refuse to buy anything that these companies advertise on a TV station or Cable Station.

Stop doing that and the media will be silent and perhaps they might even start reporting the news again…

That may be too much to hope for but its also something that we deserve from the media.

Lets stop supporting liars because no one likes a liar but every night millions invite the liar into their homes so they can corrupt our youth with some of the most vile and evil programming you can imagine.

That is something that I have never understood.


2016 debates 2016 democrats 2016 election Politics

Ben Carson Too nice to be president?

Do we as Americans view people like Hillary Clinton as the most dishonest person who wants to be president?

It is a strange thing when white people attack a black person running for president as a possible racist…

That is the thing with these liberals like Hillary, (allegedly) who has come out attacking Ben Carson…

We have to wonder about what is going on in a media where they attack white people for being offending racists, they attack black people for offending some other racist, they attack everyone for everything but they do nothing for anyone.

The real question here should be why believe anything liars tell you…

That would be something to think about, the video above may not represent the opinions and or ideas of the owners and managers of this website.


Traitors in Congress?

Is it even possible that we have traitors in congress?

That is something no one would ever easily believe but what if it were possibly true?

What then?

America has been voting for a long time now and for some odd reason it appears that republicans just do not believe that they are going to have to face the wrath of the American People, that is likely one reason that Donald Trump is doing so well.


Democrats founded the KKK

Is this the truth?

How can this be true?

How can this be true, I mean the media would have you believe that it is the republicans that did the bad things, but as we can see now it was not true, the democrats are liars, according to this video.


media lies to the people

The honest man or woman sets the standard for the truth.

When we have reporters that refuse to acknowledge the truth about this world in which we live in we all suffer from the lies they tell.

Americans do not trust the media because they know the media are liars, they have no intimate relationship with the truth.


Democratic lies

Are all democrats liars?

The truth is No.

However it is a problem, that the media and the democratic party tend to have a lot of problems with the truth.

There are some good democrats just like there are some good republicans.

Not everyone is about ideology.

When you watch how the media tend to bend the truth to fit in with their agenda, you tend to think that all politicians are dirty rotten scoundrels.

Most of the problems  that we face these days is directly related to how the media portray a news story.

For example the serious issues affecting the shooting death in Ferguson Mo.


constitution constitutional constitutional rights at issue constitutional states rights gun ban gun control gun control lies gun law gun laws gun rights Politics

Anti-Second Amendment…

Are those that are anti-second amendment all hypocrites?

You have to wonder why these people all own guns but do not want you to be able to protect yourself in the event your life is in danger.

They have no problem with protecting their families they just do not want you to have the same rights as they do?

“I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me.” — Dianne Feinstein

Yes, you see that correctly Dianne Feinstein has no problem with defending herself if she is threatened with bodily harm and that is what every American deserves.

But why did they do this?

Dianne Feinstein: She introduced the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 in the Senate.

This video is revealing and it is something that we all need to watch.

When you see this video you have to wonder what in the world is wrong with people that do not understand plain english, it really is simple, (Shall not infringe) it means NO one shall infringe on the right of the people.

Yet we have these people running the nation, making decisions about what we can and cannot do, all the while they continue to ignore the real problems that need answers.

Perhaps this Senator, lives in an area where no one understands nor cares about their own personal security, does that give them the right to dictate to everyone else?

Again the answer is NO.

2014 election 2014 vote them out

should billionaires be able to buy the Senate?

We see in the below news story that two men seek to overturn the will of the people by using money to try to stop the peoples voices from being heard.

You may think that this is something that should be illegal and really it should be.


‘Gun-Grabber’ Michael Bloomberg ‘Targets’ Joni Ernst
Conservative Joni Ernst Needs Our Immediate Financial Help — Click Here to Donate

Conservative Joni Ernst has been targeted for defeat by billionaire gun-grabber, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg wants to buy the Senate so that his pet ‘gun-grabbing’ group ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ can ram through Congress his radical gun confiscation scheme.

Bloomberg is the second billionaire to target Joni Ernst for defeat.

Eco-extremist billionaire Tom Steyer has already spend millions to defeat Joni Ernst.

In fact, both Obama-loving billionaires have vowed to spend a whopping $50 million a piece to keep a Democrat Senate.

 Joni Ernst has stood her ground — despite getting pummeled by an endless salvo of sleazy negative attack ads.

Recent polls show Joni in a DEAD HEAT with her ultra-liberal Democrat opponent Rep. Bruce Braley.

But from now until the election, the Democrats are going to be relentless in their attacks.

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Thank you for everything you’re doing to take back our country.

 It is time to do more than just sit and wait for the congress to do the right thing because we know they will never change because they are corrupt and power hungry.

Donate a little or a lot, even if you have to do without a coffee on one or two afternoons.

We need to get this situation well understood, we will not allow rich men to decide the senate.