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  • fake news censorship?

    Are we looking at the beginning of censorship by republicans and democrats in congress? The truth about how difficult this issue is and how it came into the main stream media is something that should be examined for what it really is and not by the sub standards of liars in the press. LIARS Fake […]

  • Can you see the bias?

    I like the idea that you can see the common sense of what is real… I love this guy he is always serious and I like it… This man speaks the truth and that is something that is so evident. WE know the truth and We the People are going to show just how corrupt […]

  • Gun Control Failure

    As much as we would like to believe that we can control everything around us and everyone in our lives the truth is plain and simple, Emotional laws do not stop gun violence. Take Chicago for a great example of how Gun Control does not work. We have thousands of Gun Control Laws right now. […]

  • Ben Carson Too nice to be president?

    Do we as Americans view people like Hillary Clinton as the most dishonest person who wants to be president? It is a strange thing when white people attack a black person running for president as a possible racist… That is the thing with these liberals like Hillary, (allegedly) who has come out attacking Ben Carson… […]

  • Traitors in Congress?

    Is it even possible that we have traitors in congress? That is something no one would ever easily believe but what if it were possibly true? What then? America has been voting for a long time now and for some odd reason it appears that republicans just do not believe that they are going to […]

  • Democrats founded the KKK

    Is this the truth? How can this be true? How can this be true, I mean the media would have you believe that it is the republicans that did the bad things, but as we can see now it was not true, the democrats are liars, according to this video.

  • media lies to the people

    The honest man or woman sets the standard for the truth. When we have reporters that refuse to acknowledge the truth about this world in which we live in we all suffer from the lies they tell. Americans do not trust the media because they know the media are liars, they have no intimate relationship […]

  • Democratic lies

    Are all democrats liars? The truth is No. However it is a problem, that the media and the democratic party tend to have a lot of problems with the truth. There are some good democrats just like there are some good republicans. Not everyone is about ideology. When you watch how the media tend to […]

  • Anti-Second Amendment…

    Are those that are anti-second amendment all hypocrites? You have to wonder why these people all own guns but do not want you to be able to protect yourself in the event your life is in danger. They have no problem with protecting their families they just do not want you to have the same […]

  • should billionaires be able to buy the Senate?

    We see in the below news story that two men seek to overturn the will of the people by using money to try to stop the peoples voices from being heard. You may think that this is something that should be illegal and really it should be. source. ‘Gun-Grabber’ Michael Bloomberg ‘Targets’ Joni Ernst Conservative […]