fake news censorship?

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Are we looking at the beginning of censorship by republicans and democrats in congress?

The truth about how difficult this issue is and how it came into the main stream media is something that should be examined for what it really is and not by the sub standards of liars in the press.


Fake news as defined by the media is nothing more than censorship.

The problem with this so called fake news is real…

Who and what is the real fake news that you will not see on TV…

However it is not the trustworthiness of the news source that is in question here.

The real question is who decides what is real and what is fake?

That is what is most concerning for the Millions and Millions of American Voters.


The people that are generating fake news are the same people that are sympathetic to our enemies.

They are the people that lie to you every day.

They are the people that are telling you that four men died because of a Youtube Video…