Selfish Republician canidates?

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Well, now we are starting to hear from candidates that are declaring they are running for president.

On the republican side there are a lot of candidates, but most of them cannot win and they should know it too.

On the democrat side they have only one candidate, the current President.

It is possible in fact probable that no one can defeat Barak Hussein Obama simply because of the selfish republicians that are running against each other, they are attacking each other, they are spending millions of dollars getting video ads done and spending millions more on advertising costs, while the democrats can just keep building up their money…

This could be the end of America as we know it and as most of us have grown up to believe in what our fathers sacrificed so that we could have the lives we have now, the freedom we have now came at the sacrifice of our grandfathers.

But today we hear the Ron Paul, will be running for president, for a third try, allegedly polls suggest that he might have .03 percent support in an election, he will allegedly most certainly loose and not do anything but cause a lot of problems for the GOP but does Ron Paul care about America?

Allegedly we should have an answer in if he continues this insanity of a run at the white house which he has no possible change of winning (allegedly) of course the media will support him because they also know that he cannot win.

So, why is the media playing games with the consumers, the very people whom support them by buying products advertised on their networks, where is the love?

Sadly, there really is no good GOP candidate at least yet, perhaps that may change over time, but for now all we have are a lot of old farts, (allegedly) that are just muddying the water for those that might have a chance, way to go Ron, way to be an American.