Trayvon Martin Guilty or Innocent?


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The media are playing games with the minds of millions of people all over the world. While it may seem an innocuous thing, They are depicting images that came out when the case first broke.

That they are showing images of a much younger Trayvon Martin, perhaps as much as 5 years before the tragic incident took place.

Yet they show Zimmerman as he is now, so is that fair?

Well in a word no it is not fair. There are images of an older Trayvon Martin one that shows his interest in street fighting, shows his interest in Gang politics, (allegedly) Images that show a much different looking Trayvon Martin, images that depict a perhaps and allegedly violent Martin a side of the man that no one has seen but yet the media show only those images that tend to depict the man as if he were an innocent.

The problem is that Trayvon Martin was a man, were the situation reversed Trayvon Martin would have been charged as an adult, everyone knows that, yet they are still showing images that show him as he WAS, when he was much younger.

So why are the media not showing the images of Martin closer to his actual age?

Why are they playing games here because this is serious business.

 We know the media have sought to bend fold mutilate this case from the beginning, yet the media can get away with doing just about anything they want to do.



The state says Zimmerman chased and confronted Martin, and then fired at Martin only after he realized he was losing the ensuing fight. Zimmerman says he fired in self-defense after Martin doubled back and attacked him, breaking his nose and bashing his head on the sidewalk.

The killing became a national story after Sanford police refused to charge Zimmerman with any crime, saying they had no evidence to counter his self-defense claim. Forty-four days later a Seminole County grand jury indicted Zimmerman on second degree murder charges.

If convicted, Zimmerman, an aspiring police officer who served as a neighborhood watch captain, could spend the rest of his life in Florida state prison.



Oh Lucy, dont move that football…

Well, remember the old cartoons you used to watch and you would see Charlie Brown, fall for it over and over again, well that is sort of like what we have seen in the election cycles recently, with regard to how the media have been playing games with our elections.

Yes it should be the elections of the People…

But the Media have been working to deny the process and side with one candidate over another.

They have been allowed to get away with it with no punishment, because of the first Amendment, which ironically those same people despise.


CNN debate?

Blitzer did a decent job, over all, though he did try a few things, that were a little off but considering how badly the last debate went CNN actually did a decent job.

IN the next debate, Will we see a repeat of the biased liberally slanted questions that were asked in the last debate?

There were biased questions, no debate about it, (pardon the pun)

The real question is this, are the American people smart enough to figure it all out?

Are the American people smart enough to know when someone is playing games with questions?

The answer to that question, is a big Yes they are, we are not the un educated, illiterate, backward people of the past, you know the ones that most liberals think that we all are, they think that they are so smart that no one can figure out when they are asking biased questions.

The fact is that we are smart enough to figure it all out, the question is will the canidates call out the biased media on its lousy questions, by refusing to answer a biased question, last week Rick Perry was asked a biased question, when they asked him, (paraphrased) how do you sleep at night knowing that your state has executed hundreds of more prisoners, than other states?

What if Rick Perry had said, that is a biased question would you care to rephrase it in a fair format?

That would have got their attention, for sure.

One thing is clear, if things remain the same CNN will once again represent only about 18 percent of the population.

leaving out the other 82 percent of the population.


bipartisian jokers

White House to Congress Pass “Bipartisan” Jobs Plan, or else?

But does the White House really know what the word even means?

The funny thing in this story may be the joker in the Deck…

Compromise is one thing, however when circumstances are dire as they are now, we cannot afford to make mistakes.


When you consider the facts, we have three years of the same thing, stimulus plans that failed to work, jobs plans that failed to

provide jobs, economic plans that failed to provide economic gain.


We really are not playing games here, but it sort of seems like were seeing coming from the White House,

Perhaps it is time to move on…



Casey Anthony Death Panel

It seems as if when ever you see this news story on Fox which is practicly all the time these days, something negative is said, by the comentator, (I know they read it from a teleprompter) but why so negative, they use words to describe the defendant like agitated, stoney, steely, but is that really accurate, or are they just playing games with the minds of their viewers.

Dr. Bowden today mentioned something that I was really interested in because there are so many problems, with the evidence.

He said Bad science was allowed to push good science out of the way and that it could create some serious problems for the future.

Are we going to sit back and allow over zealous, allegedly Ambitious, people within the Government of the State of Florida to push

an agenda that may not be fair.


Should this even be a death case at all?

Has the State of Florida wasted the peoples time with trying to put Casey Anthony to death?

The jury may and probably come back with a guilty verdict, based allegedly on an emotional appeal by the DA,
but why is that? 

Why are they so convinced that there was a murder at all?

From what has been presented nothing tell us that this was murder, but rather an accident, badly handled, yes, but intentional, not really, I just dont buy that, the real problem here is with the judge and the state, this entire dog and poney show, is the result of poor police work, muddy water, and even worse forensic work.

Only time will tell the truth if we ever find it out, I will be suprised.


Selfish Republician canidates?

Well, now we are starting to hear from candidates that are declaring they are running for president.

On the republican side there are a lot of candidates, but most of them cannot win and they should know it too.

On the democrat side they have only one candidate, the current President.

It is possible in fact probable that no one can defeat Barak Hussein Obama simply because of the selfish republicians that are running against each other, they are attacking each other, they are spending millions of dollars getting video ads done and spending millions more on advertising costs, while the democrats can just keep building up their money…

This could be the end of America as we know it and as most of us have grown up to believe in what our fathers sacrificed so that we could have the lives we have now, the freedom we have now came at the sacrifice of our grandfathers.

But today we hear the Ron Paul, will be running for president, for a third try, allegedly polls suggest that he might have .03 percent support in an election, he will allegedly most certainly loose and not do anything but cause a lot of problems for the GOP but does Ron Paul care about America?

Allegedly we should have an answer in if he continues this insanity of a run at the white house which he has no possible change of winning (allegedly) of course the media will support him because they also know that he cannot win.

So, why is the media playing games with the consumers, the very people whom support them by buying products advertised on their networks, where is the love?

Sadly, there really is no good GOP candidate at least yet, perhaps that may change over time, but for now all we have are a lot of old farts, (allegedly) that are just muddying the water for those that might have a chance, way to go Ron, way to be an American.



Trump Trumps Obama?

Yesterday, Trump was able to go live on TV before Washington was able to do so, in a news story about the infamous Birth Certificate, many have wondered just why with all the transparency and all the hope and all the change, Why did it take so long to reply?

Why so long to produce a certificate?

The story came out and while career politicians were playing games, trump came out and broke news before our leaders could break a news story.