Oh Lucy, dont move that football…

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Well, remember the old cartoons you used to watch and you would see Charlie Brown, fall for it over and over again, well that is sort of like what we have seen in the election cycles recently, with regard to how the media have been playing games with our elections.

Yes it should be the elections of the People…

But the Media have been working to deny the process and side with one candidate over another.

They have been allowed to get away with it with no punishment, because of the first Amendment, which ironically those same people despise.

So, should the media be regulated?  Perhaps when what they do becomes obvious to a blind man that the media are not reporting the news but instead are allowing a few small interested parties to buy their way into the news, as well as presenting only one side of the news.

It should be illegal to play games with the lives of the American people, but the media do it with impunity that is until now.

Perhaps its time to begin to punish a media that is out of control with no fact checking, no regulation, no real reporting of facts.

Perhaps its time to tell Lucy that you know what I’m not falling for that anymore…