Tag: First Amendment

  • Al Franken repeals first amendment?

    Ok, well we know that sometimes people get into office that have no real business or experience in governing and serving the people. This is the case here, now America can send a message to liberals in congress that attempt to try to silence American Voices. Source.  Liberal Senator Al Franken is trying to repeal […]

  • Democrats want to repeal the first amendment

    This is Amazing and it is true… 41 democrats have decided to repeal the First Amendment.  

  • Freedom of Speech

    The freedom of Speech is under attack in Congress. Guess who is behind this? Democrats… Is that what America is about? Shutting up someone you do not agree with?

  • No more free speech look out code pink

    A new bill makes it a Felony for protesting… First Amendment, AMazing, folks. You will not believe this.

  • Free Speech?

    Do we now live in a country where we are no longer allowed to speak freely? What do they fear? Why do they do this? When will these people be removed from positions of responsibility?

  • free press no more?

    Is this the end of the press as we know it or are we about to see what has happened in places where there is no more freedom of speech. These are the places where crime just happens and no one ever does anything to stop it. These are the towns where no one is […]

  • Oh Lucy, dont move that football…

    Well, remember the old cartoons you used to watch and you would see Charlie Brown, fall for it over and over again, well that is sort of like what we have seen in the election cycles recently, with regard to how the media have been playing games with our elections. Yes it should be the […]

  • Protests, Tshirts and the American Way

    [kc_background_pac_1_heading_12]Congress is Missing in Action, Where are our Leaders…[/kc_background_pac_1_heading_12] The United States is on the brink of financial ruin, the dollar is worth less than it was in 2001, more than 24 Million Americans are unable or unwilling to find a job. We live in a nation where on average there are more murders in […]

  • the Myth of Seperation of Church and State

    The American people have been lied to for many years… No where in the Constitution does it allow Christians to be persecuted like they are these days. No where in the Constitution does it allow Atheists to have a religion, (Atheism) protected by the Government, If a Cross represents and or depicts an establishment, of […]

  • Censorship by Democrats?

    NY State Senators Say We’ve Got Too Much Free Speech; Introduce Bill To Fix That Ok is this even true? Because if it is, this is just becoming too scary for those of us that value America as it was and as it should be and as it still exists in our hearts and minds, […]