Al Franken repeals first amendment?

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Ok, well we know that sometimes people get into office that have no real business or experience in governing and serving the people.

This is the case here, now America can send a message to liberals in congress that attempt to try to silence American Voices.


Liberal Senator Al Franken is trying to repeal the First Amendment- and if he is re-elected in November, he could get his way.

You see, the leftist Senator from Minnesota not only wants to repeal the First Amendment, but he specifically wants to stop your ability to campaign against him- virtually guaranteeing his re-election.

That’s right– Senator Al Franken is abusing his political power to silence you and me. And if he is successful, this could be the last time you have the ability to effectively campaign against liberal politicians who abuse and restrict your freedoms.

That’s why we must stop him today.

Let me explain.

My name is Shaun McCutcheon, and I took on one of the biggest federal bureaucracies- the FEC- over their restrictive campaign finance laws that only serve to protect liberal incumbents like Al Franken and the DC establishment.

In the end, the Supreme Court ruled in my favor in what many now consider a landmark case for free speech.

Now, Al Franken and his liberal allies want to take away our victory by REPEALING THE FIRST AMENDMENT and replacing it with a new amendment that will strip YOUR freedom of political speech.

Franken’s dirty scheme is to limit your ability to support the candidates of your choice – protecting the entrenched liberal establishment.

That’s why I’m writing you today.

You see, we can defeat Al Franken this year and end his assault on the First Amendment. 

Tim– I’m ready to fight Al Franken tooth and nail. I have even personally donated $1,776 to his opponent, Mike McFadden. However, I know my donation alone cannot defeat Al Franken.

That’s why the Conservative Action Fund is entering the fight to defeat Al Franken, and it’s absolutely critical you join with us.

Will you please sign the Conservative Action Fund’s pledge to preserve the First Amendment and defeat Al Franken? I need you to do so immediately. And after you sign – please make a contribution of $25, $50 or even $100 to help the Conservative Action Fund defeat Al Franken. 

I need your signature today to show Al Franken and his liberal allies there is a massive grassroots army that stands ready to do whatever it takes to defeat anti-freedom liberals.

Why Al Franken? Al Franken, along with Nancy Pelosi, is leading the charge to restrict our freedom of speech in the wake of the Supreme Court decision. If we work together to defeat Al Franken, we will deal a crushing blow to this anti-free speech movement.

Here’s the good news!

After nearly six years as a United States Senator, voters are signaling they want a change. The most recent poll has Senator Franken only ahead by 6 points – and well below 50%.

That’s why your signed pledge and donation is so important. With your help, we can defeat Franken – but only if we start building our grassroots army today.

Defeating Al Franken will send shockwaves through the D.C. liberal establishment.

So will you click here to add your name the Conservative Action Fund’s pledge to defend the First Amendment and defeat Al Franken? Help me send the message we will not let this anti-freedom Senator spend another day in the Senate.

Tim- when members of Congress pledge to uphold the Constitution, they take a pledge to uphold the ENTIRE Constitution, not just the parts they agree with.

When Al Franken and his liberal friends start trying to amend the Constitution — to protect their political power — you know we must stop them before they succeed.

The fight for our freedom starts with signing the Conservative Action Fund’s pledge to defend the First Amendment and defeat Al Franken today. The next step is to make a generous donation of $50 if you can afford it – but at least $5 or $10 if $50 is too much.

With the support from thousands of freedom loving Americans, I am confident we will defeat Al Franken and put a stop to the latest liberal effort to take our freedoms away by halting their attempt to repeal the First Amendment.

We at The Conservative Action Fund are working tirelessly to defeat Al Franken, but our success depends on your help.

So please immediately sign your personalized pledge to defend the First Amendment and defeat Al Franken and consider making a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to help us defeat this out of touch liberal. 

For Freedom,

Shaun McCutcheon

Chairman, Conservative Action Fund

P.S. The Conservative Action Fund will not stand by while Al Franken leads the effort to strip away our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech. Please take a minute to sign your personalized pledge to defend the First Amendment and defeat Al Franken and make an important contribution to help us get the job done. 

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