Freedom of Speech

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The freedom of Speech is under attack in Congress.

Guess who is behind this?


Is that what America is about?

Shutting up someone you do not agree with?

While the nation, quite understandably, focuses their collective attention on the continual stream of scandals that spill out of the White House, too many remain unaware of the assault occurring on our Bill of Rights in the Senate.
Senate Resolution 19, a resolution that calls for fundamentally changing the First Amendment, is being hailed by Democrats as a necessary measure to limit political influence in elections.
It sounds dire- and it is. The proposed constitutional amendment is designed to give Congress the authority to limit fundraising and spending on elections as well as independent political activity. Though political expression is protected by the First Amendment, Senate Democrats are hoping to squash it, un-coincidentally carving out a narrow exemption for media outlets who, by-and-large, lean heavily-left.