Veto power in the White House

The Veto has been a power that has been used from time to time it is a political land mine and can create some serious problems for a political party. 

In the past it has been used sparingly, but never has it been used as an ideological tool. 

The idea that a political party would come out and act like badly behaved children in front of a TV camera is something that is hard to understand. 

This could be said of either of the main Two Party system that we have in America Today. 

The 2014 Election Cycle is likely going to be the most important election since 2008. 


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#internet #freedom

Ever just thought about what freedom is?

I mean really consider, right now at this moment in time, what you are free to do.

You could choose to go to a movie, buy popcorn and a coke and spend two hours watching a giant silver screen.

You could choose to watch that same movie at home…

You could go rock climbing or just spend time in your back yard cooking food and having fun with family or friends.

 You could go on a cruise to Alaska, You might decide to go to a NASCAR race or travel to a bed and breakfast and spend time with your most intimate friends.

There is no end to what you might do if you wanted to do that.

But what if suddenly, just to access the internet you had to pay a special Tax?

What if there were a website that you wanted to visit and instead of being able to visit that website all you could get was a blank white image stating that “were sorry this webpage is not currently available” here are several other webpages that are almost like the one you wanted to visit but because we think that what you wanted to view might offend someone, in the world.

We know whats best for you and another thing is this, you no longer control the freedoms for which your fathers fought.

You gave that away…

You allowed a few dull minded people to give away your freedoms and now you have no say in what you may access on the internet, its for your own good after all and after four or five years of only being able to see one perspective on the internet you will not remember your previous freedoms, Trust Us, you wont even miss it.

But you will miss it and the reason that you will miss it is a simple one.

When you perform a search on the internet only those websites that meet strict standards of publication will show up, you will not find small mom and pop business in the search results and so you will not go to those places to shop.

Only certain websites will be able to publish and sell online.

This seems like a science fiction movie right?

Sure it does, but it is about to become a reality, unless, We the People stand up and tell the White House, You will not take away our freedom of use of the #internet #freedom.

Does all this sound like the movie 1984?



Dramatic TV or Journalism…

Modern Media has changed over the last few years, actually since 2oo1.

The way that the Media seems to work these days is by using Dramatic License in ways that were in the past only reserved for a certain venue.

What is interesting about this new way of doing things is that the Modern Media have actually regressed to become a tabloid mentality of covering dramatic human events in such a way as to objectify the facts and manipulate those facts so that they no longer resemble what the truth.

Another popular method is to over saturate a news story until there is nothing of serious interest progressing in the 24 hour news stream that the media have become.

For example, take this Missing MH-370 news story for 14 days now, there has been little coverage of world news events, ask yourself this question, “What else is happening in the world right now?”

If you have been watching the news you likely know little else about what has been happening outside this missing plane and its 239 passengers.

We know that, statically the chances of survival in a safe environment with this much time having elapsed is likely, not good at all.

For the families sake and as an example of the enduring human spirit we hope, we dream, we build, however after the first 48 hours, the chances of finding survivors diminishes exponentially.

What have you missed and have you just watched the dramatic Television, with organ music going in the background like some kind of grotesque, night time soap opera?

Or did you begin to turn off the TV after all Fox news could cover was the missing plan story even though there were and still are many world news stories that are much more important?

Like for instance, The White House deciding to give away the Internet?

There may be some muddy water surrounding giving up control over our own internet so that a world wide consortium of entities may take control over the ability to generate and manage your own website for business or pleasure. 

The truth is that if this is allowed to happen, Our very freedoms that this nation has sacrificed so much to obtain.

Our fathers and those that came before them went to War…

They sacrificed life and limb, many did so with the full knowledge that they might not survive another day yet they went and they stormed the beaches.

They knew that for each man that had to die the enemy would have less ammunition in which to fight them.

They knew it was a battle of attrition, until by sheer numbers our fathers fathers, would win the war.

This is the kind of freedom that our brave men and women sacrificed so much to obtain.

We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independant, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness;

What right has the White House to hand over our freedoms to a world that does not respect America, Does not care that we have sacrificed to provide food and shelter and medicines for those that suffer all over the world.

They do not care about our freedom.

Yet, we have a White House that would gladly hand over control of the most important source of information that the world has ever known to a despot organization that has proven its failure to do anything important in over 25 years.

#Internet #Freedom

Tweet, this story, send it to facebook, send it around the world, America is not for sale.

Our Freedom is not for sale.

You will not rob America while every news station is covering a missing plane mystery.

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The End of America

Imagine how insane it would be politically to allow control over America to a foreign power that hates us…

That would be crazy right and on top of that the 2014 elections are about to get started and this will be a huge issue that democrats will find may cost them their jobs. 

 Most credible news sources expect the democrats to lose big in this election. 

So, it strains believability, to think that the White House does not understand that giving away the internet is a problem that will create many more security issues. 

Do we have a White House that is acting on behalf of foreign powers?

Should impeachment begin soon?

Is it time to vote anyone out of office that supports allowing the Internet to be controlled by a foreign power that is unfriendly to American’s?


Keeping your healthcare plan?

Can you keep your health care plan?

The truth the media are not telling you about what is really going on.   You may think that you fully understand what is happening regarding health care but the truth is unless you are an insider in the insurance industry you will not learn about this truth.

 Health care is about risk but it is also about time.

Insurance companies provide coverage for a set amount of money for a set period of time. Many people all over the US have been getting termination letters, telling them the health care plan they have now will be terminated. What you are not being told is something that you may find difficult to understand unless you have been in the insurance business for years.


Reid Bully Reid

Today we saw something that is not only strange and unusual but likely unconstitutional.

The issue at hand is that of the Majority leader in the Senate being able to do what might be unconstitutional.

The second and probably more important issue is the NLRB, that is the National Labor Relations Board, which is a very powerful mechanism setup to create balance in the terms of how labor can be regulated and held accountable when they do not do the right thing for America.

The White house and now Harry Reid, would like to “Stack the Deck” in favor of Unions, however this would stifle the free enterprise system that has worked for this nation for over 200 years, when something is not broken there is no reason to fix it.

Yet Harry reid says this.


Politics the new racism

White house files charges against Zimmerman?

Wow, ok hold your breath now, just when you think that the circus in Washington DC cannot get any Crazier, you see something like this.

Is this the America you grew up in?  


Anti Zimmerman Protests?

Were protests organized by elements of the White House Administration?

There have been reports that this may be true, but what does that say about America?

You may be thinking how is this possible, have we become what we feared in 1984?

This is Unbelievable…

Can we afford to allow this to continue…

Vote in 2014…

Because if you sit on your couch you will end up without a voice….

Warning reading this website might cause you to understand that the media are trying to manipulate you.

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The Ultimate Double Standard

 Finding out what the truth is can be very hard to do.

 Imagine for a moment that a corrupt media standard has led to what could be the most difficult problem ever to be examined under the light of day. An organization that is a reminder that Taxation without Representation is still in the Constitution. to IRS: “Apology not accepted” In response to IRS officials today admitting that its agents actively targeted Tea Party groups for increased scrutiny during the 2012 election, the nation’s largest Tea Party group and a subject of IRS inquiries over the past year, issued the following statement:


Email Exposes Bad Politics

So, Wow, you read this and you think man are these people really the best that America has to offer for representing the American people?

sick of lies
Will they tell the truth or will they just Lie

The White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling tours of the president’s home for the foreseeable future as the sequester spending cuts begin to bite and the administration makes good on its warnings of painful decisions.

Read more:

This is something that is really an amazing thing, so are we to correctly understand that Washington wants to punish the people of the United States of America because they support responsible spending in Washington?

Is that really the Hope and Change?

It is really something to consider, will they next fire only certain people who do not agree with them?

Are these people the best people to be running a nation on the edge of economic ruin.