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  • Veto power in the White House

    The Veto has been a power that has been used from time to time it is a political land mine and can create some serious problems for a political party.  In the past it has been used sparingly, but never has it been used as an ideological tool.  The idea that a political party would […]

  • #internet #freedom

    Ever just thought about what freedom is? I mean really consider, right now at this moment in time, what you are free to do. You could choose to go to a movie, buy popcorn and a coke and spend two hours watching a giant silver screen. You could choose to watch that same movie at […]

  • Dramatic TV or Journalism…

    Modern Media has changed over the last few years, actually since 2oo1. The way that the Media seems to work these days is by using Dramatic License in ways that were in the past only reserved for a certain venue. What is interesting about this new way of doing things is that the Modern Media […]

  • The End of America

    Imagine how insane it would be politically to allow control over America to a foreign power that hates us… That would be crazy right and on top of that the 2014 elections are about to get started and this will be a huge issue that democrats will find may cost them their jobs.   Most credible […]

  • Keeping your healthcare plan?

    Can you keep your health care plan? The truth the media are not telling you about what is really going on.   You may think that you fully understand what is happening regarding health care but the truth is unless you are an insider in the insurance industry you will not learn about this truth. […]

  • Reid Bully Reid

    Today we saw something that is not only strange and unusual but likely unconstitutional. The issue at hand is that of the Majority leader in the Senate being able to do what might be unconstitutional. The second and probably more important issue is the NLRB, that is the National Labor Relations Board, which is a […]

  • White house files charges against Zimmerman?

    Wow, ok hold your breath now, just when you think that the circus in Washington DC cannot get any Crazier, you see something like this. Is this the America you grew up in?  

  • Anti Zimmerman Protests?

    Were protests organized by elements of the White House Administration? There have been reports that this may be true, but what does that say about America? You may be thinking how is this possible, have we become what we feared in 1984? This is Unbelievable… Can we afford to allow this to continue… Vote in […]

  • The Ultimate Double Standard

     Finding out what the truth is can be very hard to do.  Imagine for a moment that a corrupt media standard has led to what could be the most difficult problem ever to be examined under the light of day. An organization that is a reminder that Taxation without Representation is still in the Constitution. […]

  • Email Exposes Bad Politics

    So, Wow, you read this and you think man are these people really the best that America has to offer for representing the American people? The White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling tours of the president’s home for the foreseeable future as the sequester spending cuts begin to bite and the administration makes […]