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  • Polls opening soon

    The Polls are opening soon and the Media are Foaming at the mouth to start proclaiming victory for their chosen candidate. In fact they have spent the last week trying to rehabilitate their candidate. They have been telling you for months that Donald Trump cannot Win that is is already over. But is that not […]

  • New Polls Show Donald Trump Way ahead

    The more you see the media pumping up these polls and the more you see them use words like Struggling, Trying, No Path to Victory? The more you know they are scared to death. They are scared and they should be as there are polls that show Donald Trump up by 40 points. Clinton way […]

  • Dishonest Media Polls

    The truth about the Media and the Polls they keep trying to brain wash you into believing are true.    Every few days you keep seeing a media company that tells you that a poll shows a certain result. In the fine print they never show you is a lot of information that would really […]

  • shameful media

    The practice of munipulating surveys and polls to generate talking points for the media to “Play Around” with is beginning to really stink to the American People and the World. The single greatest issue is something you might not really consider to be true. Some people do not realize that these polls are faulty and […]

  • Polls that tell lies

    Polls mean nothing, predict nothing and are useless as a means of gauging the results of an election. Over the last few months and perhaps even as long as a year or more, there have been bobble heads that pretend to present fair and balanced news coverage. The greatest problem and challenge is that these […]

  • Fox News Media continues its assault on GOP

    You may have noticed how Fox News apparently have continued to blast away at Fox News using Biased keywords and phrases. One bobble head, prefaced her introduction by saying these words “The Fractured Republican Party”  Is that true?  No it is not true then why do the media engage in using words like fractured? It […]

  • Fox News Polls show What?

    In a rather amazing display of faulty Journalism, Fox News, reported today several polls which featured extrapolated results that are more than just questionable, they could well be completely wrong in every way. Is it wrong to show a Poll when only a very very small percentage of voters may have been reached? Yes, it […]

  • 2016 election predictions

    Imagine what changes will take place as more candidates drop out of the race. Will Marco Rubio come into the lead? There are a lot of reasons that might create the atmosphere for a change in the Republican race. Donald Trump is in the running but are the polls really right? Can you trust the […]

  • Why Polls mean nothing

    The truth about polls… Finding out what people feel and think is a difficult thing and for the most part its a hit and miss proposition, take for example the idea that the use of language in the design of the question can create a misleading result. Do you think that the United States is […]

  • trump? Will he make it?

    Donald Trump may be the front runner currently in some polls and this is more than likely a result of the media working to discredit him at every possible moment including late night entertainment shows which basically are just another distorted view of how the media really thinks. On Conan oBrian apparently he and or […]