Tag: Insanity

  • the State of Freedom…

    The Constitution clearly provides individual states the Freedom to make its own decisions. Apparently that seems to be a novel concept to many that seem to have this twisted sense of reality. “Planned Parenthood said it will be a “devastating attack,” if the bill passes the Senate and President Trump signs it. Passage means that […]

  • The Broken Media

    The Media and the Press as well is Broken. Simply put they are now unable to effectively report the news. Many of them are just making up the news. That is something that is hard to imagine considering that what they attempted to do in this 2016 election failed. We know that doing the same […]

  • Fox News Shakeup

    There is a rumor and perhaps a little more than just a rumor that there is a shakeup in place that is going to create a huge backlash on the only network that appears to be caving into demands that they cover the news in a way that is consistent with the other news networks […]

  • Why you cant repeal Obama Care

    Trying to Repeal Obama Care, AKA, the Affordable Care Act, is never going to help the health care system. The time to repeal it would have been as soon as they realized that Nancy Pelosi, was wrong about passing it so you could know what was in it. The reason why it needs to be […]

  • The end of the Senate?

    Could this really be happening, in America. Will Senators, vote to allow one man, who may actually be unfit for duty, (allegedly) To wreck the constitution and to end America as we know it? Harry Reid is threatening to end the possibility of the Senate filibuster for all Presidential nominees as early as this week. […]

  • Health care calamity

    [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”50″ color=”#59983a” ]Health Care Insanity…[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1] There is a storm coming it is about a problem that was created when the people and those in Washington failed to read a bill that came up for a vote, it was the Affordable Care Act, but the problem was it was a Trojan horse.  No one Read […]

  • Tea Party Insanity and lies lies lies

        The truth about the IRS and what you should be worried about…  

  • Sequester Insanity…

    Amazing the story you are about to read is just that… You might be wondering about how the Sequester budget battle is effecting the lives of those people who need help in America. The truth may be something that you find difficult to understand and comprehend. Read the rest of the story here. I know […]

  • Gun Grab making felons of every American?

     You might wonder about what nation you live in when you have people that run around trying to subvert the constitution at every available moment. Attempting to change what has made this nation great, trying to tell us that somehow our fathers who fought and died for this nation were wrong? Think about this for […]

  • Should the Media be held responsible?

    The media this year have engaged in no less than a full on participant in this election process, from misleading the public, to manufacturing the news where there is no news, there has been spin, lies, libel, slander and many evil doings. Should the media be held to a higher bar than liars in prison? […]