the State of Freedom…

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The Constitution clearly provides individual states the Freedom to make its own decisions.

Apparently that seems to be a novel concept to many that seem to have this twisted sense of reality.

“Planned Parenthood said it will be a “devastating attack,” if the bill passes the Senate and President Trump signs it. Passage means that states can then choose which healthcare organizations should receive the Title X funds, potentially defunding Planned Parenthood in their state.”

What if Planned Parenthood were really an evil organization?

Imagine if states could and should make all of their own decisions about how health care is organized in their states.

Wow that is something that is amazing right?

It is not the job of the government to collect taxes and then provide them to a corrupt organization that wastes the money in many corrupt ways, (I am sure that some small percentage goes to services that are needed) however, what is interesting here is that there are many other organizations that can do this provide for birth control or what ever other services that the public need.

Because the far left will be talking about things that are not going to happen soon.

They will be taking about how were headed back into the dark ages.

The truth is simple, corruption does not provide for americans in the right ways.

We have seen that this organization is corrupt and that is really all you need to understand about this…

But If your interested in watching or need convincing…

Wow, what a horrible beginning..

Looks like not much has changed does it.

considering the recent headlines that we see online and videos that have come out revealing and exposing the true nature of this horrible organization.

It has to be some kind of trick right?  No way would or could something like this be true, but when you consider that last year it was reported that 320,000 were killed in America, then you have to really wonder what kind of people would support that kind of organization.

What kind of excuses would they make up to try to change your mind now that you know the truth.

How would they make an argument that what they were doing was righteous work?

Confusing is it not?

Yet members of congress are preparing to defend this organization that really should not even exist.

Senators are going to vote against measures that would put this evil organization out of business for good.

What will they say?

What could they say?

The truth is you take the money that goes to this organization and you put it into other programs that benefit americans not wasteful spending and horrible barbaric projects and then you perhaps do somewhat better than allowing a real life horror show to continue.

If your senator is planning on voting against this in favor of planned parent hood.

Let them know what you think about that because that is unthinkable. 

I cannot imagine anyone that is sane and in their right minds supporting an organization like planned parenthood.