Gun Grab making felons of every American?

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 You might wonder about what nation you live in when you have people that run around trying to subvert the constitution at every available moment. Attempting to change what has made this nation great, trying to tell us that somehow our fathers who fought and died for this nation were wrong?

Think about this for a moment, the Media do not take the time to cover the countless times that guns in the hands of the good guys including citizens like you have foiled, stopped, saved countless lives, yet when ever there is a criminal or a person that needs to be behind bars or in a mental institution they say See, we need to take all guns away.

That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.

You see we know the truth about the lies that liberals both democrat and republican have been engaging in. If you want to help stop liberals from trying to trample on the Constitution you better get behind this now because the people that are in congress are idiots, even the ones that claim they are on your side are often liars.

We have a corrupt congress… We have a Senate that will not allow an up or down vote on a good bill to reduce the insanity. We have a senate leader, that has not allowed a vote on a good bill for a budget to even come on the floor. This has never happened in the history of the US…

Vote with your wallet.

If you are not fully aware of what is going on in America because your just too busy to vote, you had better get aware or you may end up without any rights, afraid hiding in your homes.