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  • 2016 election predictions

    Imagine what changes will take place as more candidates drop out of the race. Will Marco Rubio come into the lead? There are a lot of reasons that might create the atmosphere for a change in the Republican race. Donald Trump is in the running but are the polls really right? Can you trust the […]

  • Biased CNN Again?

    Are we really here again? Once again we have a presidential election where a media source is playing with the election.  In this case we have the presumptive nominee of the democratic party Hillary Clinton. CNN allegedly is manipulating and or holding their finger on the scale in such a way that the only female […]

  • Fox Debate

    The First Debate this year will not be dominated by a biased media presence. Much as they wanted to create that kind of trap for the Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Not that this will stop the media from saying and doing what ever they can to smear candidates while they uphold […]

  • Huckabee, cannot win…

    Now this is nothing against the man, because he is a good guy with experience doing a great job governing, however he will never be president. Now he has every right to run for president. But is it the “Right” thing to do for the Republican party. Earlier we saw Mit Romney bow out of […]

  • Under dog wins Primary

    As many of you will remember Eric Cantor made a serious mistake. He turned his back on the people. This is what happens when you ignore the people.

  • Corruption for Harry Reid?

    Is Harry Reid involved in corruption in politics? Corruption in politics is nothing new but in this day and age of economic difficulty and when so many are suffering with serious problems of life and limb, you have to ask should only politicians be rich and wealthy? Or should they be this wealthy? The democrats […]

  • sebelius resigns

    It could be said that not only was the Affordable Health Care Act a failure, but also those who were asked to implement the law were also failures. They failed to consider the fact that insurance companies would take advantage of the way the law was poorly structured. They failed to understand that we needed […]

  • Medicare Advantage Cuts?

    What are you telling me that Medicare Advantage Plans which were introduced in 2004 or perhaps earlier are being CUT up and bended, folded and mutilated. Actually this is true but what is even more interesting is that back in 2010 insurance companies quietly began to Gut the Medicare Advantage plans… So while a lot […]

  • karl Rove would be a traitor

    Would Karl Rove be considered a traitor if there were 1776 and America had not yet been born? The possibility is good, simply because the truth about what Karl Rove is may be hard to understand.  The founding fathers created the document that made a new world free. It was easy to understand and it […]

  • Affordable Care Act or Obama Care?

    You may be somewhat confused by the Media and its use of these two terms, one is law the other is not the law. You would think that Obama care were the correct and legal version of the bill that congress passed by listening to the media. The truth is nothing could be further from […]