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  • Sore Looser Republicans?

    We have seen some of the most amazing things in this election cycle, corruption, lying, cheating, scratching clawing, cat fighting and more to come and that just covers the media much less the anti patriotic events of the last few days. Republicans or those that say they are republicans, are betraying the American Voter and […]

  • Injustice of the Powerful

    In Life seldom have we seen fairness defined and delivered to those that often become the victims of the rich and powerful. It has been said that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Some would say that the poor can never rise above their station in life. However we have many that […]

  • Gun Grabbers Really?

    In New York, there is a news story that will set your teeth on edge. It is difficult to understand and even believe but this is real. The one thing that seems so ignorant is the fact that none of this will reduce crime. In fact from all we know about gun control it makes […]

  • Criminals will still have guns…

    No matter what you think the truth about Gun Laws is that they do not work because criminals will always do what they want and the reason why is simple they are not afraid of breaking the law, Duh, they are criminals.  Gun rights advocates have long been chided as “crackpots” by naïve liberals. Many […]

  • Harry Reid who cannot pass a budget?

    Imagine the truth that a man that cannot do his job in congress has now done something that will forever tarnish the constitution if you the voting public do not act to remove this man from office. Harry Reid must be recalled or removed from office because of breaking the oath of office of the […]

  • Citizens of America Speak Loud…

    Everyone can hear the swell of the Freedom of Americans Voting people out of office that do not respect the constitution of the United States of America. It is clear that when it comes to the right of the citizens of America to defend themselves against those that would attack and murder their families that […]

  • Who did it? Citizens want to know…

    The news has been proliferated with content about suspects, arrests and additional information that has proved in several instances to be incorrect. In some cases there have been reports that reporters want to see a certain ethnicity involved in the case. This is horrible more so when you consider that if they had mentioned anyone […]

  • Is the constitution still the American Way?

    We have in our history a clear example of many years of applying the document that has and is still the best guide for America that will ever exist.  But we also have some that would like to break it and trod upon it as an old document that no longer applies to the People, […]

  • Drone Attacks on US Citizens on US soil?

    No Trial, No Jury… see it live here. Its time to stop the Fools in Washington… Imagine what would happen if there was no Sixth Amendment to the Constitution… Take a Stand… Help Stop Washington… This is Still America, but perhaps not for much longer, if you do not vote in the next two elections […]

  • Gun Grab making felons of every American?

     You might wonder about what nation you live in when you have people that run around trying to subvert the constitution at every available moment. Attempting to change what has made this nation great, trying to tell us that somehow our fathers who fought and died for this nation were wrong? Think about this for […]