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Runoff in Mississippi

Too Close to call in Mississippi.


Ted Cruz?

This is the guy that the liberals love to hate, but why is that exactly…

 Amazing stuff

Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz spoke at length about the state of America at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday. Discussing a wide range of issues, the Texas senator, who has stood firm in a Democrat-controlled senate, turned his attention to the issue of the Second Amendment. Sen. Cruz stated,

“Following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama came out and said not that we are going to go after violent criminals… but instead, President Obama used it as an excuse to go after the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”

When Sen. Cruz merely mentioned the name of Vice President Joe Biden, the crowd erupted in laughter.

“You know the nice thing is that you don’t even need a punchline,” Cruz added as the crowd continued to laugh.


Democrats try to play mislead the nation?

So, were starting to see the Media play a game called split the Republican party, the thing is most people already know that the media are biased and for the most part just plain stupid.

But usually you do not see people like Bill orielly try to play bully with the republican party, tonight he seemed to be suggesting that there was a civil war coming for the republicans and that the democrats would win if this happened, but just a few years ago he had a lot of different things to say on this issue, so is he just waffling or is he really saying that he is more of a democrat than an American.

You see this is not about Republican or Democrat or Independent, or what ever Bill thinks he is today.

Its about being Responsible, Its about not spending more money than you have to spend. 

Its about People its not about race, its not about if you are a man or a woman, its not about what part of town you live in its all about who you are and that is American.

Were sick and tired of hearing that the Republican party is finished, you know its bull and we do too.

The Media is full of it the only difference is that now most of American knows it.

They can try to do what they think will help them win in 2014 but nothing they do will change what is happening in America the people are back.

Even the Great and blind, (allegedly) Bill orielly cannot spin his way out of this one.


Republician or Democrat or perhaps

Something new…

When you think about how crazy things are getting lately you sort of thing you know what the democrats are just ignoring everyone or outright lying about everything.

The Republicans are the same way, its a corrupt mess.

The independents, just another variant of the same worm that lives deep in the heart of Washington.

So what do we do, because its obvious that the fools in Washington do not care what the people have to say.

Sure they have hearings, that never produce fruit, they say they are all for that, what ever that is.

They say things but they don’t mean things.

Since when has Harry Reid done anything to develop a decant measure on anything at all?

Think about that, what do we do when they will not listen.

You can send a message, you can even call, you can fax, you can send emails, you can join a group that may be able to influence this or that outcome but when it really comes down to it what do you think will happen if we dont vote these old people out of washington.

People like Nancy Pelosi, who has become obscenely wealthy,  on the backs of the American People many of whom have no health care.



harry reid once again tries to dismantle constitution?

What is wrong with a man that cannot understand the words that were meant to protect the people from ignorance?

You look at these things and you wonder how its possible that people like harry reid are in the Senate at all…

Have a look at this video, you see this is not only about the headline it is also about years and years of how things have always been, it is a constitutional tradition.

But Harry Reid would like to make it all go away.


By Stephen Dinan.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that the men who wrote the Constitution intended for the president’s nominees to be subject to only a majority vote, and said filibusters of nominees were never envisioned.

The Senate’s leading Democrat, who led repeated filibusters of President George W. Bush’s nominations when Republicans held the majority, said he’s changed his mind since then, and he accused the GOP of forcing his hand by slow-walking so many of President Obama’s

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Pat Toomey Republican or Democrat you decide…

This Video is an interesting read on what is happening all over the US…


Are they really going to keep supporting an unconstitutional event?

Most elected officials spent their July 4th walking in parades and waving to crowds.

Shaking hands, smiling and posing for pictures.  You know the drill

But for nearly twenty U.S. Senators, their time away from Washington, D.C. last week wasn’t a walk in the park.

In fact, much of their time was spent sweating bullets.

Constantly checking with their staff.  Frequently looking at their email.  Taking urgent calls.

Why?  Because they were waiting for the next shoe to drop.


Turning Texas Blue?

Well now this is an interesting story, from the perspective that how truly out of touch some political groups really are.

By DAVID NATHER | 7/8/13 5:06 AM EDT

Democrats are gearing up to spend millions of dollars to “turn Texas blue” by bringing in a new generation of Latino voters.

So when an abortion fight flared in Austin this summer, it seemed the stars had aligned — liberals had a hot-button cause to galvanize new supporters who just might stick around for the long haul.

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Here is the deal though, with the abuses and continuing abusive behavior being exhibited by some of these organizations that perform late term abortions, it has come to the attention of the people that surgical procedures which can end in death and have significant risk associated with them should be monitored for safety, just like other medical surgery facilities all over the world.

Not only do most Americans agree with this kind of action but they support it, because otherwise we become monsters.

While democrats may feel like this is a big issue the truth is this is just keeping people safe and monitoring the situation where the people are protected not abused.

Makes you wonder who your voting for when you go democrat…


immigration bill taking on water…

Well we now have the age old protracted battle of will here and we also have an election coming up very soon…

The commercials are already in play for 2014, so what to do about the immigration battle that looms in the house.

Well we know that anything that comes out of the stinking senate, lead by Harrie, Reid, who appears to be more and more like an old man being led around on a chain and reading from a scrap of paper because he cannot remember his own name…

So, what exactly is going to happen with this immigration reform bill, probably nothing, some are predicting that the house will cave in and do it anyway, but really I don’t think anyone cares, this bill will not do anything to fix the problem.


Fools in charge

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat seems to think that dishonesty is something that is ok…

The thing is it is not ok and this woman is an example of why and what is wrong with America.

We need to stop electing people like this, just look at this woman and you will see what is wrong…

 It is time to elect other people…


democrat scandals and Media liars

You may not hear about the scandals that happen when it effects a democrat, but this kind of one sided news is what is causing a rush to the internet for most information consumers, they can get a more balanced approach with internet news.

What is interesting here is that so many people seem to think that were limited to what they show us, when the truth is out there.

We know that scandals are everywhere, for both republicans and democrats, it really does not matter what any one says we are still human the only difference is that the media will ignore one news story if its a democrat and show another news story if its a republican.

This is Evil and must stop…