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We the People Build the Wall

After years and years of being ignored by Washington DC…

Finally we the people are sending a message to the Swamp…
They can no longer ignore the People.

Build the Wall…

If you are tired of the lies from lifetime politicians who have become wealthy while standing on the backs of the people of America.

Then this is for you.

It is hard to understand why the democrats do not want to protect the people.

It is even more difficult to watch as Nancy P and Chuckie “boy” Schumer, do everything they can to stand in the way of the constitution and the will of the people.

Now it is our turn to show Washington DC and the corrupt politicians who have for more than 30 years ignored the people doing what ever they want to do regardless of what the people of the USA want them to do.

All they do is campaign, raise money for the next election.

They do not get anything done because they are so corrupted.

Now you can make a difference.

Build the wall. . . 

The Democrats want to stop the efforts of the President and the American People to build this wall so that we can have the freedom that so many generations of Americans have fought and died to have and to give to the next generation.

This is not about politics this is about doing the will of the people.

For too long politicians have ignored the people.

With the help of the media they have been able to get elected over and over again while doing nothing
for the people. 

If you are sick and tired of all the lies coming out of the democrat party. 

If you are disgusted by the way that the media lie to the public over and over again. 

If you are ready for something that will reduce the illegal opioid drug problem…

Then this is your chance to really send a real message to washington DC.. . 

The media have been complicit in siding against the American People for years they have engaged in a campaign of misinformation, deceit, lies all with the intent on destroying this nation.

Now the democrats want to impeach the president because he wants to do something instead of just kicking the can down the road.

That is all about to change and you too can be a part of this effort to force washington to do the right thing.

Donate now. 

The difference you make even with as little as 20 or even just 5 bucks can change the course of this nation.

Never before have the people been able to push washington DC to do the right thing but now that is changing.




The Political Destruction of Donald Trump

This idea that Donald Trump is a problem for our nation is itself a problem to those who seek to attempt to try to cause issues for America.

The problem we all face as Americans is that we have a Media that is out of control.

We have a media that is not the press and thus is an enemy of the people.

We have a media that believes that they are right and the rest of the world all 10 billion are wrong.

If there were aliens on this planet they would also be included.


fake news censorship?

Are we looking at the beginning of censorship by republicans and democrats in congress?

The truth about how difficult this issue is and how it came into the main stream media is something that should be examined for what it really is and not by the sub standards of liars in the press.


Fake news as defined by the media is nothing more than censorship.

The problem with this so called fake news is real…

Who and what is the real fake news that you will not see on TV…


Political Bias must stop

Political Bias really has to end…

The truth about bias is that it is often presented as if it were the truth.

Is Bias the same as Opinion?

Are we not entitled to an opinion?

These are two very different questions and it is obvious to the thinking person that Bias is not the same as having an opinion however I suspect you can have a biased opinion…


The right thing for the people

You may have heard the recent news that the speaker of the house announced an early retirement from congress leaving the position of speaker of the house open.

Now this is a good thing but really why was this not done two years ago?

When a man is not in alignment with the people and favors policy that the people do not like, that man should do the right thing for the American People.

This video does not represent the opinion of the owners of this site nor the operators.

It is provided as a thing to look at like one might look at a bug under a microscope, the biggest problem with much of the network news is that they have no such microscope and would not know how to use it were they to actually possess one.

There are rumors, floating around like land mines in this presently saturated media buzz society.

Of course there are those that are some news stories out there.


 According to Politico, since Boehner doesn’t have any political concerns to worry about, he will more than likely push through a government funding bill next week that not only keeps the government open but also keeps funds flowing to Planned Parenthood.

Unfortunately, it isn’t likely to stop there.

Speculation is brewing about other measures Boehner might act on that conservatives have opposed for some time.

These possibilities include an extension of the federal debt ceiling, a long-term highway bill or re-authorizing the Export-Import Bank.


The real story here is something that no one expected, which makes you wonder just what kind of a man Boehner actually is, were not sure but one thing seems clear his actions are not those of a patriot.

We all know that congress is corrupt, because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It is this main issue that we face as a nation and that crisis has everything to do with failing to perform the duties that the constitution outlines, failing to perform the oath of ones office.

So, perhaps he is happy to be out of the swamp but one has to ask what does he have to smile about at all.



We have to ask, Can Donald Trump lead a nation?

This is the question that the media are most concerned about.

It is a valid question and one that we just don’t know for sure.

Aarp constitutional constitutional rights at issue Politics

Wild Wild West

You may remember tales of the old west where lawlessness was the order of the day.

Horrible things happened all because no one cared or they just never found out about what had happened.

Were in a serious situation now and there are companies out there that are stealing from the elderly, stealing from the blind and the lame, but they don’t care why is that?

Mostly its a lack of law enforcement.

These companies know that there is no law enforcement right now.

So, its open season on ripping off the American public.

Congress has no idea what is going on.


Message from Washington

Yesterday there was a message from Washington delivered to the American People…

Did you get it?

Just in case you may have missed it entirely, (its ok, were all busy)


Vacate the Chair ?

Will he step downWere curious and Im sure you might be as well, there is a Call to Vacate the Chair….

A motion has been filed and it is a motion to vacate the chair

This may have been done in the past at some point well have to check into that

and report back

but the main question is this…

Should the Speaker of the House Vacate the Chair?


one sided media…

There are many reasons why the founding fathers set up freedom of the press.

None of those things covers a bias and often counter productive media.

If any of these things had taken place when congress had the initiative to pass real legislation you would not see the type of interference that you can readily identify in the media today.