blank the president ?

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How, nasty are these the same people that took such offense, when it was suggested that the President was lying about immigration health care, hmmm, seems like they are not being very nice to President Obama.

So here we have some really interesting developments, we have republicans and some democrats, (those that are still halfway human) and yes, for a real surprise we also support the bill as it was (before) the liberals in the senate tried to sabotage it, led by the ever impressive or something, harry reid.

Is it true that liberals are going insane and screaming and wagging their tails like an animal?

It seems as if some liberals, who perhaps may not be long for the political office for which they currently hold may not be with it for the people.

The folks, you know, the people, the ones that put politicians in office.

So what up with those meandering mercenaries, who call them selves, democrats but really are allegedly just plain rats.

So what do they want, do they want to watch failure?
or do they just want to make it happen?

Did they do this to President Clinton?

When he did the right thing for the right reasons?

No, they did not, so I ask you this are they racists?

Think about it, because this president has done little different than Clinton, in fact this president did far more for the liberal cause so in reality, This false, bravado, of the liberals, is wrong.