NBC to aire controversial bible

Well if you can imagine it or not, NBC who allegedly has a long line of offensive bias charges against them, (allegedly) is going to broadcast a Biblical program, now its probably not going to be biblically accurate, (huh, what, really) why bother then, You mean they just allegedly did this for the money?

Of course its NBC or is this unfair?

Hmmm, Well it might be a little biased, you see NBC has for a long time been or appeared to have been anti-christian, sorry if thats offensive but you know its mostly true.

So when this series was shown, Bible and NBC, see it here.

It seemed likely that this was probably not going to be a good production, but we might have been a tad hasty,

Because it appears that the people behind the very successful biblical based production recently are actually the ones telling this story now.
So, while NBC still at times (appears to be quite biased) perhaps they can’t help it.
They did seem to have a good eye for something that would generate some much needed revenue, but if I were Roma Downey I would watch my Back over there at NBC, I hear it can get a little on the rough side.
Either way, its worth a watch and perhaps NBC may have begun to learn a little bit of a lesson here, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink the Kool-aid…

Snowden, Chapman, The Spy who Loved me?

Ok, I know how this must sound, but you really cannot make this kind of thing up…

If Snowden were to Marry, Chapman then there would be a situation where Snowden could legally stay so long as he does not make her mad, hmmm, the alternative is Bubba, in the US Prison System, seems like a good deal at this point. .. .

But the thing here is this, how did it get this far out of hand? Would it not have been smarter to just diminish the situation, wait till Snowden was in reach then make an arrest?

Instead they push Snowden into the Arms of Chapman, in at least one funny attempt at humor, someone online commented that if Snowden did not accept the offer he would…


Paula Deen double standard stupidity

Imagine for a moment that you had some kind of ignorant situation where you were fired for saying something stupid 20 years ago in your past.

Why would this make a difference anyway, because most have already said that they could care less, its not like this is the last person to use that word and it is not like this will never happen again.

So what would happen say if, a gay chef called someone a name or better yet what would happen if someone called someone a homo, hmmm, makes you wonder what this news story is really all about.

Is it about truth or is it about media stupidity once again.


Barbara Walter allegedly sinks to new low?

Just amazing, but do you believe what the liberal biase media tries to sell on a regular basis.

Would the Great Wa WAh, ever have even considered doing a news story like this one?

Could this the end of the career of a great news person?
The world would like to know, should the national enquirer be on the look out for a great reporter…???

Apparently, the age of yellow journalism is not yet over, as it appears that some news organizations, are more about gossip and partisan politics than they are about hard news, as a new all time low for the network appears to be in the offing.

Barbara Wa Wa as she is affectionally known to many, and perhaps unknown to many more, as it appears that a gossip interview is more appealing to the network than a real new story.

She is set to interview the allegedly bitter jilted wife or soon to be ex wife, of the embattled, Gov or soon to be ex governor, Sanford.

They allegedly talk trash about the governor.

Now I just have to ask what is up with this, I mean if you look back over the WA WAs career or dwindling career as it is allegedly now, you would be shocked at what apparently she is doing now, an alleged gossip interview, something better left to the society pages, which often elude to things a certain person did or did not do.

However may be the case, this is beneath the WA WA, but as some have alleged to have said, nothing is beneath her.


That could evoke some thought provoking material…

Either way the shameless attempt at smearing the governor has not gone un-noticed and is really probably the highlight of the year for a WA WA that was once considered one of the greats, now reduced to gossip interviews.

I would cry if, I could…

but I am just too busy laughing.. and laughing, and laughing…

911 Aarp aclu acorn

blank the president ?

How, nasty are these the same people that took such offense, when it was suggested that the President was lying about immigration health care, hmmm, seems like they are not being very nice to President Obama.

So here we have some really interesting developments, we have republicans and some democrats, (those that are still halfway human) and yes, for a real surprise we also support the bill as it was (before) the liberals in the senate tried to sabotage it, led by the ever impressive or something, harry reid.

Is it true that liberals are going insane and screaming and wagging their tails like an animal?

It seems as if some liberals, who perhaps may not be long for the political office for which they currently hold may not be with it for the people.

The folks, you know, the people, the ones that put politicians in office.

So what up with those meandering mercenaries, who call them selves, democrats but really are allegedly just plain rats.

So what do they want, do they want to watch failure?
or do they just want to make it happen?

Did they do this to President Clinton?

When he did the right thing for the right reasons?

No, they did not, so I ask you this are they racists?

Think about it, because this president has done little different than Clinton, in fact this president did far more for the liberal cause so in reality, This false, bravado, of the liberals, is wrong.