Tag: surprise

  • Phony debate?

    Was the debate rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton? The truth may surprise some but most people are already well aware of how biased the media are in reporting. What does it really all mean? This is not a debate…

  • why Georgia may be the last place you want to live.

    Georgia has long been a penal colony, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a lot of prisons in Georgia. Sure Move to Georgia make a mistake go to jail, sound like fun? So it should come as no surprise to see a news story where a woman stops a […]

  • Media fails

    It should come as no surprise that the recent controversial and perhaps even reckless release of a “one sided” report on interrogation of bad people. The Media does not tell the entire story because they want to push an agenda. They say words like the Senate report, (however they forget to tell you ) that […]

  • orielly catch 22 on President

    So, recently Bill Orielly, berated the president for not taking action quickly enough when the threat of Isis, began to become clear to the media, which is something of an oddity because usually the media are spot on in most situations, right? There are some indications or rumors depending on where you stand politically, that […]

  • The passing of a legend

    Sometimes life hands us news that is often the most depressing that you can imagine, this Monday evening was no different but it was a big surprise for many. RIP Robin Williams, who was loved by so many. In so many ways this legend of comedy touched the lives of people all over the world,  […]

  • Harry Reid and the Bundy Ranch issue

    The situation in Nevada is getting heated and it could turn into another situation where women and children are at risk because of the troubled management of the State of Nevada. It should come as no surprise considering that Harry Reid, appears to do things and say things in congress that seem to suggest that […]

  • Seniors see medicare and medicaid restrictions

    Today, we interviewed several patients that had just discovered one of the new benefits of the Affordable care act. A restriction that is going to create a lot of problems for many seniors who often are taking from 7 to 12 medications a month this is because our more mature seniors often have multiple health […]

  • Political corruption

    These days it should come as no surprise to see so much political corruption, in fact were it 1950 it would have made every newspaper world wide.  But these days our media system has become so corrupt that they no longer report the news as it happens.  They only report the news they believe that […]

  • CNN Evil Cowards?

       Did CNN allow a know nothing coward to cast political aspersions with no evidence or even probable cause to believe what they were saying. What was the evidence they had, what was the experience factor of this man who made this accusation?  Why did CNN allow this to go out on the air at […]

  • The shell Game what it means to you.

    Looking Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors. For many years street hustlers have used a little known method of manipulation and slight of hand to visually distract the audience in such a way as to create an illusion that they can pick and choose what they see and believe. The sad truth is that our Media […]