immigration bill taking on water…

Well we now have the age old protracted battle of will here and we also have an election coming up very soon… The commercials are already in play for 2014, so what to do about the immigration battle that looms in the house. Well we know that anything that comes out of the stinking senate, […]

The Ultimate Double Standard

 Finding out what the truth is can be very hard to do.  Imagine for a moment that a corrupt media standard has led to what could be the most difficult problem ever to be examined under the light of day. An organization that is a reminder that Taxation without Representation is still in the Constitution. […]

Incompetence at DHS did it lead to Boston…

 Is it time to find someone that can keep our cities safe?  Was DHS to blame? Were there issues inside the DHS and with other enforcement agencies that caused the loss of life in Boston? The truth is difficult to understand but we should understand this because this is what caused 911 We know that […]

Enslavement of the People

It has and will always be we the people, that is the basis of what we are and who we are. Recently this message was delivered. In less than 4 days, U.S. Senators return to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The show-down battle over our gun rights is upon us — things are heating up […]

Senate the party of no?

     Defense Cuts, medicare cuts? What are they thinking, who is writing these bills is it not in the constitution that spending bills shall originate in the house? Harry Reid has once again failed the American People, he wanted a vote on his bill, but he will not allow a vote on any other […]

waterboarding led to location of Bin Laden

“A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him.” Winston Churchill… Bush once again proves that he was right all along even President Obama must agree he allegedly gave the order based on evidence obtained by waterboarding, right? In what is sure […]

blank the president ?

How, nasty are these the same people that took such offense, when it was suggested that the President was lying about immigration health care, hmmm, seems like they are not being very nice to President Obama. So here we have some really interesting developments, we have republicans and some democrats, (those that are still halfway […]