The Ultimate Double Standard

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 Finding out what the truth is can be very hard to do.

 Imagine for a moment that a corrupt media standard has led to what could be the most difficult problem ever to be examined under the light of day. An organization that is a reminder that Taxation without Representation is still in the Constitution. to IRS: “Apology not accepted” In response to IRS officials today admitting that its agents actively targeted Tea Party groups for increased scrutiny during the 2012 election, the nation’s largest Tea Party group and a subject of IRS inquiries over the past year, issued the following statement:

It may be difficult to understand why one liberty is considered just while another is considered wrong simply because of who is sitting in the white house.

That is something that should seriously concern Americans.

The most interesting thing here is that we know that this was done in a time that one of the most important elections in this nations history was in play yet the media did not cover the topic.

This is a scandal and it is a coverup that needs to be identified and fixed.