Senate the party of no?

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 Defense Cuts, medicare cuts?

What are they thinking, who is writing these bills is it not in the constitution that spending bills shall originate in the house?

Harry Reid has once again failed the American People, he wanted a vote on his bill, but he

will not allow a vote on any other bill this is outrageous, he needs to be recalled and replaced.

Is Harry Reid, the real party of NO?

Is the Senate that is led by Democrat Harry Reid, the real party of no?

Are they the ones that are standing in the way of real progress?

What plan has Harry Reid brought up for a vote?


Are they not the ones that are saying NO, if you think about it for just a moment it is really very clear who the party of No really is here and you know it just like 80 percent of the American public knows it.

Why do they blame everyone but themselves for the problems that they have
created by refusing to take action on a balanced budget. 

Why would anyone not want to balance the budget?

What does Harry Reid have against balancing the budget?

The stock market losses are huge, and the Senate has failed to act, the house passed not one bill but two bills that would work, perhaps not perfect but they would work, so what is next will Harry and the democrats say no and no and no.

If they say no, then are they not then the party of no?

Democrats, the real party of no.