The Broken Media

The Media and the Press as well is Broken.

Simply put they are now unable to effectively report the news.

Many of them are just making up the news.
That is something that is hard to imagine considering that what they attempted to do in this 2016 election failed.

We know that doing the same thing over and over again is INSANITY.


Media delaying election results

Is the Media attempting to try to manipulate the election results.

When you look at what is happening it is obvious that Trump is going to win.


Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan,

The election is over.

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Media Rigged Election?

In a News story today we have seen the truth exposed about what the media are engaging in during our elections.

Naturally the Media denied that the truth we see is what we have seen over the last several presidential elections.

We as a nation know this to be the truth.

Even after the situation became national news today the media still deny what everyone else knows has been true for years.

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Trump 2016 the only choice for America?

We heard a great speech last night and what you will not hear from the media about this speech is that it was common sense.

We know that Washington is a huge mess.

Washington has been broken for so long that no one really knows how to fix the biggest problems.

Can Trump make America Great Again?

The answer is Yes.


Speaker of the house

Who will be the new speaker of the house?

No one knows or if they do they are not telling.

One thing for sure Good Ol, Shep, took the opportunity to rain down on the republicans in a very partisan way.

You just have to wonder what those talking heads are thinking…


You might think that opinion is something out of the ordinary but with some talking heads its just




In God We Trust

That is the most eloquent idea that a Man can have.

It was so important to our Founding Fathers that they were willing to give up life and limb to protect it.

Ben Carson knows this and you know what else most of America also knows this is true and correct.

When you look at the video above you can see the bias of the video Ographer, if that is what the dude is or perhaps its a dude et, Nah, its a dude right, yep you bet ya.

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gun rights insanity

It would have been UN thinkable only a few years ago for anyone to attempt to take advantage of the grief and sorrow of a tragedy and horrible event where innocent men and woman lost their lives.

However those that seek gun control apparently do not care about the loss of life and the horrible grief that the victims families face in the wake of the actions of a sick human being.

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Political correctness or truth?

It would seem to be that most people would find it a simple thing to choose between the truth or political correctness and were not talking about when your wife asks you if she looks as pretty today as she did ten years ago either.

Were talking about Bending, Folding and Mutilating of the truth. 

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media responsible for riots?

Over the past few days we have heard quite a lot about the riots in Baltimore MD.

The one thing you have not heard is how much responsibility does the Media have in reporting and perhaps inflaming riots to take place.

It is a fine line.

2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 GOP 2016 presidential election Politics

Beating about the Bush

Sometimes its about experience and perhaps refinement, but who knows for sure, but when it comes to looking presidential, the Bush Family sure know how to get it right…

Sure its easy to sound good right, well perhaps not.

Jeb Bush, could well be the next president of America.