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  • the State of Freedom…

    The Constitution clearly provides individual states the Freedom to make its own decisions. Apparently that seems to be a novel concept to many that seem to have this twisted sense of reality. “Planned Parenthood said it will be a “devastating attack,” if the bill passes the Senate and President Trump signs it. Passage means that […]

  • Democrats paying the price?

    Are democrats paying the price for playing God in the Senate? source. “I told ’em: ‘You jam them through, it’s going to be a long time before I approve of them,’” McCain said, recounting what he told Democrats after they changed the rules in 2013 and confirmed dozens of lifetime judicial appointments and several high-profile […]

  • Keystone passes Senate..

    Finally the Keystone Pipeline project which will create thousands of Good paying jobs for Americans that are looking for those jobs has been passed. This is something that the 1 percent did not want to happen. What will President Obama do? Will he side with the middle class as he says that he wants to […]

  • Democrats shut down government?

    Did we just watch the Senate controlled by the Democrats, (AKA harry reid, ) failed to pass a huge over blown spending bill, now you might wonder what is going on… Its amazing, this deal should not have passed the house, but because the democrats tried to set up the republicans by proposing a bill […]

  • Media fails

    It should come as no surprise that the recent controversial and perhaps even reckless release of a “one sided” report on interrogation of bad people. The Media does not tell the entire story because they want to push an agenda. They say words like the Senate report, (however they forget to tell you ) that […]

  • North Carolina race heats up

    The biggest races in the US senate contest may be in North Carolina. The most expensive election campaign in the history of North Carolina elections has been a huge contention among some voters.  source North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan is sitting on the most expensive hot seat in Senate history. Spending in her Senate race […]

  • Anti-Second Amendment…

    Are those that are anti-second amendment all hypocrites? You have to wonder why these people all own guns but do not want you to be able to protect yourself in the event your life is in danger. They have no problem with protecting their families they just do not want you to have the same […]

  • GOP more likely than ever

    The GOP is more likely to take over the entire congress sending the likes of Harry Reid back to ponder why they cannot do the business of the people when they had the chance… Source  Most voters now think Republicans are likely to win control of Congress in this November’s elections and believe Americans will […]

  • Eric Cantor Defeated by Tea Party

    The headline is real and so is the news that in 2014 you can make a difference. Tea Party Backed Candidate, Breaking News.

  • Harry Reid Cattle Stealer?

    Is Harry Reid, a Senator of the State of Nevada? Exactly what does Harry Reid do for the people of Nevada? For that matter what does he do in the Senate? U.S. seizes cattle in rare fight over federal land use in Nevada Here is your tax dollars hard at work…  You will not see […]