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  • Democrats paying the price?

    Are democrats paying the price for playing God in the Senate? source. “I told ’em: ‘You jam them through, it’s going to be a long time before I approve of them,’” McCain said, recounting what he told Democrats after they changed the rules in 2013 and confirmed dozens of lifetime judicial appointments and several high-profile […]

  • New Congress new year…

    Now that we have a new congress that is a majority in favor of one political party, we hear the news that the President is Now, ready to work with congress. What? The media say this with a straight face, that is completely laughable. So, let me get this straight the media narrative here is […]

  • 2015 will congress change?

    For years now we have as a nation celebrated the new year with resolutions, to do better, to improve our lives, to make more money, to lose those extra pounds of weight. Can Congress make a difference in how they do business? We all hope so for the hope of our nation. So often new […]

  • Falling for nothing…

    There is a country song that says “If you dont stand for something you will fall for anyting” In many news reports the media are crying like babies and they have come up with a progressive solution to the voice of the people. The voice of the people was heard clearly yet some refused to […]

  • Harry Reid

    Will Harry Reid betray america? Will he betray his own state? Will the people demand criminal charges be filed against Harry Reid for failing to perform his duty?

  • The right Stuff

    This morning the people have spoken and that means that Harry Reid is now Fired. The truth is clear the party of No was lead by Harry Reid. So who exactly is the party of NO…. Seriously, Why? The democrats have a talking point about the party of NO. We now know who is the […]

  • Anti Constitutional Anti Free Speech

    There is a news story out that Harry Reid is in the process of attempting to ban freedom of speech during elections. Now that is something that should concern all americans. Yet, you hear nothing from the Press about this issue. source. SJR-19 would allow both federal and state governments to censor and regulate America’s […]

  • Border Bravado

    The Senate has declared that it will not vote on the Border bill which basically means that they are willing for children that “They” said needed help will not get that help because Harry Reid…  Will not allow the bill to come up for a vote in the US senate. Sorry but is that not […]

  • Harry Reid and the kangaroo kourt

    Imagine a world where your vote does not count. A world where the entire world may be in favor of democracy but is over ruled by this man? Who do they think they are? When you look and listen to this statement you will learn something about people like harry reid, it is the same […]

  • GOP more likely than ever

    The GOP is more likely to take over the entire congress sending the likes of Harry Reid back to ponder why they cannot do the business of the people when they had the chance… Source  Most voters now think Republicans are likely to win control of Congress in this November’s elections and believe Americans will […]