Democrats paying the price?

Are democrats paying the price for playing God in the Senate?


“I told ’em: ‘You jam them through, it’s going to be a long time before I approve of them,’” McCain said, recounting what he told Democrats after they changed the rules in 2013 and confirmed dozens of lifetime judicial appointments and several high-profile Cabinet nominees. “It’s affected me as chairman of the Armed Services Committee.”

Remember how Harry Reid played God?

Well now its payback time…

There are 18 nominations waiting for a vote on the Senate floor — including Loretta Lynch’s nomination to be attorney general — and more than 130 idling in committees. So far, though, only McCain has admitted to deliberately stymieing President Barack Obama’s picks. But even as the GOP Senate Judiciary Committee moves at a pace similar to that of last year’s Democratic Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has done little to bring up nominations for a vote by the full Senate.

Harry Reid played god with Health Care Reform…

now its time to pay the piper…

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New Congress new year…

Now that we have a new congress that is a majority in favor of one political party, we hear the news that the President is Now, ready to work with congress.


The media say this with a straight face, that is completely laughable.

So, let me get this straight the media narrative here is this, heard today on fox news, published by Chris Wallace.

Chris stated, (paraphrased) that president Obama, is now ready to work with congress, (then they show a video clip of the same) however the real news story Fox News totally ignores.



How can the media be so full of skullduggery?

The world may never know, one thing is clear when a president is AWOL, refuses to work with congress, allows Harry Reid to violate his oath of office, the credibility of a statement made six years too late, is astoundingly deafening to those who understand just how corrupt the media have become.



2015 will congress change?

For years now we have as a nation celebrated the new year with resolutions, to do better, to improve our lives, to make more money, to lose those extra pounds of weight.

Can Congress make a difference in how they do business?

We all hope so for the hope of our nation.

So often new years resolutions are quickly cast aside however it is important to this next congress that the ignorance of Harry Reid policies are Erased.

Eradicated, from history as if the things he did to this nation  never existed at all.

Harry Reid, created dishonor and caused great mistrust by the American people.

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Falling for nothing…

There is a country song that says

“If you dont stand for something you will fall for anyting”

In many news reports the media are crying like babies and they have come up with a progressive solution to the voice of the people.

The voice of the people was heard clearly yet some refused to hear it.

They came up with several excuses for why they do not want to
“hear the People”

One is even the people who were not interested in voting against the aweful polities of the far far left were somehow heard in the recent election results.

(We never heard this excuse for an election where the democrats did well and republians stayed home…)

Then we heard the tired old, well if the republicians want to get something done they will have to bend to the will of the losing party?

Yet another one is that since congress has refused to act that its now time to turn America into a dictatorship?

Please people if your going to come up with nonsense try to make it at least sound plausible…

When the democrats win they say, “We Won…)

When they are in charge of both the house and the Senate, they say were not going to do anything unless you come around to our way of thinking…

IN fact they try to say that the gridlock in congress is a republician thing, but the truth is far different.

Harry Reid, has not passed a budget…

Harry Reid has not allowed a vote to come up for more than 300 bills which basically says that he is not doing is sworn duty yet nothing happens, were that a republician, he would be censord and likely impreached.

The media would be cheering it along by covering the trumped up news story like there is no tommorow yet when Harry Reid does it, Nothing from the media at all.

I believe that the American Public is sick and tired of the double standards and many just stayed home this last election.

The republicians are rallying their troups in an epic immagration battle rayale.

But considering the “Success, LOL) of all the previous policies of the progressive and liberal agendas that have been so far attempted, what makes anyone think that this will somehow be successful at all?

It is true that the seperations of powers must be enforced no matter what because no One Man may silence the voice of the people no matter how convuluted that persons mental processes may be.

This is about more than an idology.

This is about the Millions of Americans that have laid down their lives protecting the constitution of these United States of America.

The biggest mistake that the liberals are making with attempting to legalize illegal aliens, is that they “think” that this group of (new voters) will be voting for them.

The problem with that issue is a simple one, just because a group may be included in a voting block does not mean that their values are the same values of progressive liberals…

Simple right, logical Right… Sure, but this simple logic escapes these self proclaimed “Smarter than Thou” policians and special interst groups.

Where the rubber meets the road is that the people cannot be fooled as in the past for one very simple reason, we are not stupid.

This is not the middle ages where most men women and children could not read the written word.

Its time to consider the truth and to develop a way to get America back to a better place, if we fail to learn from history then there is no way to learn at all.



Harry Reid

Will Harry Reid betray america?

Will he betray his own state?

Will the people demand criminal charges be filed against Harry Reid for failing to perform his duty?

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The right Stuff

This morning the people have spoken and that means that
Harry Reid is now Fired.

The truth is clear the party of No was lead by Harry Reid.

So who exactly is the party of NO….

Seriously, Why?

The democrats have a talking point about the party of NO.

We now know who is the party of NO.


Anti Constitutional Anti Free Speech

There is a news story out that Harry Reid is in the process of attempting to ban freedom of speech during elections.

Now that is something that should concern all americans.

Yet, you hear nothing from the Press about this issue.


SJR-19 would allow both federal and state governments to censor and regulate America’s free speech, especially pro-gun free speech informing you of politicians’ anti-gun votes.

Reid has scheduled a vote on “Senate Joint Resolution 19” for next Monday, September 8th, at 6:00 PM.

SJR-19 is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow both federal and state governments to censor and regulate America’s free speech when election time comes around.

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Border Bravado

The Senate has declared that it will not vote on the Border bill which basically means that they are willing for children that “They” said needed help will not get that help because Harry Reid…  Will not allow the bill to come up for a vote in the US senate.

Sorry but is that not his job that he is NOT doing?

When will Harry Reid be dealt with and why is he still in charge?

When a man does not do his duty and his sworn duty then why is he allowed to keep his job?

People need help and the money to help them has been provided yet Harry reid, does nothing?

Nancy Pelosi does nothing…

What do they want?

They say they want this and that but when this and that are provided, they run and hide and say were not going to play ball.

Strange when you think about all the things that are happening in this nation that the democrats seem bound and determined to do nothing when everything is riding on someone stepping up and getting the job done.

The truth about the democrats is that they are not good for this nation and they do not care about the people at all because if they did care they would do something instead of doing nothing all the time.


So Which is it?


Harry Reid and the kangaroo kourt

Imagine a world where your vote does not count.

A world where the entire world may be in favor of democracy but is over ruled by this man?

Who do they think they are?

When you look and listen to this statement you will learn something about people like harry reid, it is the same thing that we saw happen in 1944, when an entire race of people decided to look the other way while horrors were perpetrated on the people.

Yet, when the whole of the world does not agree with Harry Reid, what does he allegedly do?

He makes the alleged statement that race is involved, he does things that only an alleged fool would do.

Is this the actions of a man who represents the people of the state of Nevada?

Is this a man who is allegedly senile and medically unfit for duty?

Or is this the mind of a man who is no longer fit for duty under the laws of the United States of America.

Were not sure what the problem is but one thing we are sure of its time for the people to take back the congress.

It is time for the congress to return to the peoples business.

It is not the business of congress to force a business to provide controversial health products that anyone can get or receive at little or no money involved.

Its simple and it is affordable.

In fact allegedly you would find it difficult to find anyone who honestly even wants this thing.

Yet, people like Harry, want to force it on you, this is what is wrong in congress and it is time for the people to vote.



GOP more likely than ever

The GOP is more likely to take over the entire congress sending the likes of Harry Reid back to ponder why they cannot do the business of the people when they had the chance…


Most voters now think Republicans are likely to win control of Congress in this November’s elections and believe Americans will see a noticeable change in their lives because of it.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is at least somewhat likely that the GOP will win a majority in the Senate this November. That’s a 10-point increase from early January and includes 20% who say it is Very Likely. Twenty-nine percent (29%) consider a Republican takeover of the Senate to be unlikely, but that includes only five percent (5%) who say it is Not At All Likely.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The thing is this can you trust