Cruz Campaign Blunder?

Did the Cruz Campaign make a huge social blunder?

As you might expect there are a lot of things that once done cannot be undone.

There are reports in social media and in some other areas of the media where many are re-considering (allegedly) supporting Cruz for President.

Of course you have to take it all with a grain of salt or a camel as the case may be, but if this is true there are some serious problems in the Cruz Campaign.

For example, Who thought this was a good idea?


Health care ? to be or not to be?

When thinking about healthcare it is very difficult to understand the sheer weight that is currently on the medical industry both in terms of volume of patients and the many patients that do not have health care or any kind of medical resource.

You can see it just about anywhere you would like to look and the biggest problem is that so many people are in need and the system is not setup to handle patients that need preventative care.


homeless shelters failure…

Every year charities collect millions of dollars in the name of helping those of us who are the most at risk of the most difficult of circumstances.

Yet in many cases it is almost impossible to find help when it is needed the most.

Waiting lists are common and in some cases shelters are just full.

No one leaves, which produces a situation where someone that truly needs help cannot receive that help.

So, if these charities are accepting grants from the government and charitable contributions yet are unable to help someone who is homeless, you have to wonder what is happening to all that money…

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Huckabee, cannot win…

Now this is nothing against the man, because he is a good guy with experience doing a great job governing, however he will never be president.

Now he has every right to run for president.

But is it the “Right” thing to do for the Republican party.

Earlier we saw Mit Romney bow out of the race and for good reason, he may have been able to win, but he saw where it would be better to allow other candidates to move into a better strategic position to actually win.

Right now, there are a lot of good people that like and support Huckabee and it is generating a split in the voting block, this could be a problem for the 2016 election.

The question becomes, with basically one or two candidates on the democrat side, we could be looking at a serious problem with the voting public, in order to win in 2016 a unified base is perhaps the most important aspect of this latest election cycle.

Failure to understand that and failure to act on that information could spell a problem that might had the white house right back to the democrats.

As said previously Huckabee is a great man and would do a good job as president, the biggest problem is that he can not win.

Even if he does win the primary he cannot win the election, period.

Were not saying that he should not try,  but it does make sense that eventually it would be better for the party if he makes the right decision long before the primary begins.

If Huckabee were to do as Mit Romney did, then we would see Bush and Walker emerge as the leaders, which is something that a lot More people see as a viable and perhaps even unbeatable method of firmly planting this nation back on the road to recovery.

There is one thing that is really important here and that is we know the truth about who creates jobs and revives the economy and we know now for a surety, that its not the democrats.

Its time to get smart, to run a race we know we can win instead of playing hard ball and messing everything up for the main election.

If we do not consolidate our candidacy and make the best use of our resources it will spell the end of America as we now know it.

We know what the democrats will do if they get in charge again, we know how much damage it will do and you should also understand that should the democrats win the election in 2016 it might well be the last election we ever see.


2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 vote them out America the Beautiful

closer to impeachment?

Impeachment sounds like an extreme move and it is by any definition.

However this could be something that might soon begin to present itself as the only solution for saving America.

Many on the left would disagree and many on the right would agree.

Discussing this is not a bad thing, however moving forward is a problem.

What actions might lead up to the need for impeachment?

Is there a moment in this timeline where the actions of this administration might become so far off course and so far away from the American voting public that it might actually become something that many begin to think about.

We all know that impeachment is not a practical method…

We also know that impeachment is not really the answer, what is the answer here is simply a matter of doing what is truly right for the American People.

The truth here is a simple one, will this administration move to the center?

Can they move to the center?

The campaign for election of this administration was a center left campaign however that is not what voters got was it?

Were have moved far left of where, we as a nation should be right now.

That is a big problem and it is something that should be discussed, the real question right now is not IF this administration should move but IF they will ever realize that they have to move.

The clinton administration did move and it also worked with congress, the results were amazing.

President Bill Clinton became one of the most successful presidents in modern history, why did that happen?

The administration moved from where they were at previously and it worked.

The biggest problem that we face as a nation is the idea that ideology trumps the public consciousness.

When we refuse to budge, when we ignore the truth, when we refuse to move then we are doomed as a nation and as a people, at that point there is no recovering, there is no way to achieve the American Dream.

This is a nation that was founded on principals that are in direct conflict with what this administration “thinks” we need to do and that is a huge problem.

While everyone can and should have an opinion, there is no place for silence.

We can disagree, but agree to work together, everything is possible.

We can fix healthcare, we can manage poverty without politics.

The war on poverty is currently a political issue and so nothing has worked.

Politics are not what poverty is all about, it does no good to blame Peter for what Paul did, we must find a way to move together, America is at a point where they can grow as a nation or fail.

The Greatest Generation is nearly gone now and they are the reason that we have the freedom we have today, it is not something that we can change.

It is in our minds and our hearts, America is not one man, no matter what that man is or how important,  America is of the People by the People and for the People.

Think about that for a moment, this is not about what a man think’s is the right thing to do.

This is not what a man think’s is best for the American people that are considered backward or intolerant.

America is America, you cannot change it, but you can lead, President Bill Clinton knew this and he perhaps may be the greatest president in 40 years, all because he saw that America needed some healing and things changed and the economy got better, everything got better, is there any reason why we cannot entertain this now?

Are we become so intolerant and so ambivalent that we can no longer see a path forward except for one that has been shown time and again as a failure?

Why choose failure?

This makes no sense at all, we must move because nothing stays the same as much as we might like to keep things the same as they always were we cannot stand still forever because that would be failure.

We must grow we must learn from our mistakes, otherwise we will never achieve hope enough to survive as a nation.

We are a nation of people, we may not agree with what our neighbors enjoy as a lifestyle, but that does not mean we cannot get along.

History tells a story about who we are and where we come from, History is what keeps us on track, even after so many years the constitution is still valid, it still shows us the way that works.

The Constitution is our way and it is a representation of what we know works.

There is room for change but it must not come at the expense of all the people.

That would be certain failure for all Americans.

Can we get along?

Can we learn from one another?

Can we find a path to a place where we are no longer a nation of the divided?



Turnabout is not fair ?

You have likely heard a few of these phrases that tend to invoke common sense in some and anger in others.

Turnabout is fair play.

What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

“Persons appear to us according to the light we throw upon them from our own minds. -Laura Ingalls Wilder, author (1867-1957)” 
Laura Ingalls Wilder


“Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just.” 
Victor Hugo

It is never easy to understand why political matters that happen in the past are not referenced when the media begin to attempt to manipulate the news. 


sebelius resigns

It could be said that not only was the Affordable Health Care Act a failure, but also those who were asked to implement the law were also failures.

They failed to consider the fact that insurance companies would take advantage of the way the law was poorly structured.

They failed to understand that we needed insurance reform before health care reform.

We had the best health care system of just about any other place on earth.


local elections

As we get closer to this years epic election cycle many are wondering what will happen…

A lot of democratic voters believe that the nation has been pushed in the wrong direction.

Following after a style of government that has and is a proven failure.


Media Lies about Facts

Why do you think that the Media seem to be so ignorant that they feel they can lie to the public?

That seems like a stupid thing to do considering that the Media should be relying on Advertising in order to supplement its business. Any business must rely on revenue in order to succeed.

If that is not the case then you have to ask the question is the Media really the Press anymore?

When you consider that question, the truth about what is happening in the Media coverage of the so called Gov shutdown is something that is very interesting.

The Media seem to be following the “Talking Points of the democrats” where they blame the Republicans for the failure of the Senate to pass a budget.

That seems interesting considering the Harry Reid has failed to allow a vote on a budget for more than four years.

Yet the Media seem to ignore that fact.

If it is the Constitutional right of the House to originate spending bills then why is the Media attempting to blame the House for the failure of the Senate.

That is the real question here and one that should be examined.

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Fox News Shakeup

There is a rumor and perhaps a little more than just a rumor that there is a shakeup in place that is going to create a huge backlash on the only network that appears to be caving into demands that they cover the news in a way that is consistent with the other news networks which at this point have been a proven failure.

Why would the most successful Cable news network move to the left when most of America is Center Right?

We sure do not understand that Fox news has become the number one cable news network so now what?

They want to be the number four or number ten…

Looks like insanity is all in the numbers.