Cruz Campaign Blunder?

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Did the Cruz Campaign make a huge social blunder?

As you might expect there are a lot of things that once done cannot be undone.

There are reports in social media and in some other areas of the media where many are re-considering (allegedly) supporting Cruz for President.

Of course you have to take it all with a grain of salt or a camel as the case may be, but if this is true there are some serious problems in the Cruz Campaign.

For example, Who thought this was a good idea?

Washington (CNN)Iowa’s secretary of state on Saturday blasted Ted Cruz’s campaign over a controversial mailer that aims to drive voters to the polls for Monday’s caucuses by claiming they have committed “violations.”

This is now being reported by several larger news organizations, CNN

This appears to be an accurate news story and if so, it may not have the effect that was intended.

Some have tweeted that they had not made up their minds but now that they had received this mailer they were going to declare for Rubio.

Some are calling it a public shaming…

Either way its not likely to be received as a good thing, most of them show an F as a grade, it will sort of interesting to see how this thing turns out.

You see this and the recent attacks on Rubio and you have to say, well, perhaps they should have hired some more qualified staff.

Regardless, I think that the people of IOWA have seen enough of the dirty politics as usual from CRUZ.

Now lets just sit back and watch the show it begins in about 24 hours…