Polls Closing Soon

The first Polls are close to closing now.

The Media will begin to make excuses about how states are too close to call.

That is a serious problem.

Why are the media doing this?


Can you see the bias?

I like the idea that you can see the common sense of what is real…

I love this guy he is always serious and I like it…

This man speaks the truth and that is something that is so evident.

WE know the truth and We the People are going to show just how corrupt the media actually are.

The truth will set you free from the enslavement of the media liars.


Corruption in Washington

Why are we so partisan in Washington.
The truth is all about reality.

There are serious problems with partisans in office.

Corruption in Washington and it starts with Democrats.

This is why we have so many problems in Washington.

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Mike Pence

You may not have seen much of the truth when watching the lap dog media.

Mike Pence is a great speaker.

Who cares about what will happen next?

We are interested in fixing the broken system and you know what else that includes ?

The broken Press…

The current system of reporting the news is broken and that is something that we cannot afford to ignore.

Mike Pence is a serious speaker that is so much better than the CNN people are trying to subvert the media.

They try to move this thing forward but all they can do is lie, lie, lie, fools and ignorant people.

America first means were not worried about immigration before we deal with americans that are hurting right now.

The media seem to be so focused on just one talking point and they do not really understand.

They are just too silly to understand the truth.


Trump never said that he would deport all of them and he never said it the way that CNN want to tell the story.

We need more men like Mike Pence and that is what CNN should be covering but they just do not care.

2016 media bias Politics

Press continue to undermine US election?

Is the press otherwise known as the Mass Media trying to influence the election results?

Of course they have been doing this for many years.

Watch this as a CNN reporter thought that she knew more than her guests did.

When you look at how the media seem to be oblivious to the facts about serious news stories that they should know about but apparently the news media do not cover some stories that tend to show their preferred candidate in a bad light.

That should be so amazing to these reporters but in fact they do not really know much of anything when it comes to the facts at all.

If you want to know about what is really happening in this election you can’t depend on the media to tell you the truth.


See what the Media Refuse to show you

If you want to see what is really going on here…

The media are corrupt and dishonest along with Megyn Kelly…

Who is going to stand up to the corrupt Media?

The Media are really going to have to be managed and figured out because what they are doing is subversive.

This is a serious story…


Cruz Campaign Blunder?

Did the Cruz Campaign make a huge social blunder?

As you might expect there are a lot of things that once done cannot be undone.

There are reports in social media and in some other areas of the media where many are re-considering (allegedly) supporting Cruz for President.

Of course you have to take it all with a grain of salt or a camel as the case may be, but if this is true there are some serious problems in the Cruz Campaign.

For example, Who thought this was a good idea?


Surprise Iowa result?

Well Folks, were once again about to cross into the realm of reality.

As you may have been lead to believe by an increasingly whining media, Trump is expected to win.

But what if he does not win?

Will the media have anything to say?

Probably not, why is that?

They don’t know what the outcome may be and you know what else is interesting about how the media tends to hype up events?

Did you know that for example just because you win in Iowa does not mean your going to win the Election, serious, after all Iowa is not really a big political player.

Wait, want more, read on…

2016 debates

republican debate, Rubio Ties with Christie

Do not let the media mislead you, Tonight some serious changes took place.

Here is My Opinion.

  1. Rubio

  2. Christie

  3. Trump

As Marco is dominating tonight’s debate, the attacks keep coming, and that’s why we need to know RIGHT NOW:




After you vote in our poll, we hope you will stand with our campaign by making a much needed financial contribution.

Your donation will go immediately towards funding our voter outreach programs, ensuring that Americans in every corner of the country hear Marco’s conservative message of A New American Century.

Team Rubio


Football and Politics

For most people this time of year is all about football but this year it could be a mixture of politics and football which might seem a bit odd at first however just about everyone is aware of the lack of leadership in Washington.

Its a serious issue for many people and as a Military family it seems almost like the whole world has gone insane.

After the Attacks in Paris everyone was sure that something would be done about the horrible situations that have happened already in this nation more than once.

The media of course have not covered this truth as they should have done and as they would have done had a republican president been in office.