This time its Serious…

There have been some serious developments in the assessment of American Security against random attacks in the US.

People are concerned about the ability of this administration to protect the American People, not only that but Democrats are just as concerned that were “not doing”  what we need to do to remain safe.

Why is that?

Do you believe that the only thing that guarantees that Evil will Triumph is that good men (and good Women also) do nothing.

Is it time to begin to take steps to preserve the Union?  The Constitution?  The United States?


Ben Carson

IT seems that the more the biased, (allegedly) news media attempt to improperly enter the race advocating a candidate they prefer over the choice of all americans, the more popular the anti candidate becomes.

Take Ben Carson for a great example.

Dr. Ben Carson is constantly under attack by the lame duck media.



We have to ask, Can Donald Trump lead a nation?

This is the question that the media are most concerned about.

It is a valid question and one that we just don’t know for sure.


WaterGate memories

There is talk and has been for some time about how many of the things that have happened over the last four years are reminiscent of the days of the water gate scandal which at the time was just about the biggest news story of all time.

Now, somehow were tolerant?

Funny that when you begin to examine all the contrasts that we have serious problems and its not over just yet either.


Carly for America?

Breaking news, CNN may update the method by which they choose to decide the candidates who will be in the debate.

Will CNN not do the right thing for the American People?biasedcnn

Were curious because there are some serious problems with the freedom of the press…


In many ways this story is one that should wake you up because it is something that has been going on for a long time.

Think about what this nation would be like if censorship were the order of the day instead of freedom.

Aarp constitutional constitutional rights at issue Politics

Wild Wild West

You may remember tales of the old west where lawlessness was the order of the day.

Horrible things happened all because no one cared or they just never found out about what had happened.

Were in a serious situation now and there are companies out there that are stealing from the elderly, stealing from the blind and the lame, but they don’t care why is that?

Mostly its a lack of law enforcement.

These companies know that there is no law enforcement right now.

So, its open season on ripping off the American public.

Congress has no idea what is going on.


WOTUS EPA Washington?

When you begin to look at all the land that has been “reserved” for one use or another by the Feds, you would be not only shocked and outraged but also unbelieving.

what happened here

Houston we have a problem

This time is serious…

Folks you may not realize it but the EPA is set to designate any land in the United States even perhaps Your land and grant themselves the authority to designate it as a federal waterway.


What?   We need your help…

your missing something...
What the devil is going on…








‘Clarity!” has been the battle cry of the EPA over the last year as it put the final touches on its expansive and overreaching definition of “waters of the United States” (or “WOTUS”). And yet, a week after the final rule was published, the only clarity the EPA has provided is its intent to snatch up every piece of land that can channel, pool, or absorb water and include it within its newly minted jurisdiction.

This should scare the he double toothpicks out of any sane american. 

Oh, yes, even if it can just hold water, could be the desert, could be your back yard mud puddle.

Obama’s new “Waters of the US” rule redefines much of America’s private property be federally-controlled waterways.

The new EPA rule considers a “federal waterway” to be any and all private property with any dry land feature that could hold any water.

Under this rule, even the deserts would be controlled by the government as “federal waterways.”

Take a stand and stop WOTUS…

This has to stop, we cannot stand by and allow this to happen and we need to send a clear message to congress that failing to take action will not be tolerated.


This is still America and while there are a few of us that are not right in the head, that does not mean that you can run over all Americans, take their land and raise taxes at every opportunity, this is corruption plain and simple and it makes Grants Administration (considered in the past as one of the most corrupt administrations in history) look like boy scouts in comparison, though that may have changed recently as well.


WE cannot continue to sit back and remain silent.

Please take a moment and do the right thing to stop this from happening …

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Hillary for President?

There are some serious issues that many believe are difficult if not impossible for the former 1st lady to overcome and while it would be nice to have a woman president at some point there will likely be one, this one does not appear to have the ability to govern.

Additionally it also sort of allegedly looks like she has no governing experience at all.

Just what has Hillary done? Warning… The video you will see here is disturbing and frankly about the scariest thing I have ever heard… If your easily offended and or wear rose colored glasses, this is probably not for you, not sure if I agree with everything in the video but the truth seems to have no problems communicating the truth verses the lies.. you decide, its adult time,<|;


Media fanning the Flames of Hate

Is the Media intentionally
attempting to create chaos?

You might wonder about that because of the recent methods of dramatizing the news with ideas that are based on bias…

That is something serious and it is something that should be considered.

2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 GOP 2016 presidential election 2016 vote them out Politics

Can Hillary win?

Now we all know that eventually there will be a female president, IF those that run this nation now manage to keep the spirit of America alive.

However, its a fact that there are a lot of serious problems with having a woman president not that she would be less capable than a man.

No, No, were not misogynist here, No not at all.