Can Hillary win?

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Now we all know that eventually there will be a female president, IF those that run this nation now manage to keep the spirit of America alive.

However, its a fact that there are a lot of serious problems with having a woman president not that she would be less capable than a man.

No, No, were not misogynist here, No not at all.

However most of the rest of the world IS Never going to Fully Respect a woman.

(Wait, now there was Margret Thatcher,)

Yes, you remember her, now I will resit the urge to say something ignorant like, (what a woman) because she demanded respect and she got it because she had earned it.

Seriously, this was a great leader. 

The thing is and please accept my apologies, (because I always liked President Bill Clinton,)))  But just never so much Hillary Clinton…

But, back to the thought here, Hillary is no Margaret Thatcher and never will be a great leader as she was.

That does not mean that she does not deserve the right to try to lead.

The problem here is that she has been given the opportunity to lead over and over again and she Failed to Lead.

As Security of State if the object of her office was to travel on lots of vacations and accomplish very little.

Ok in all fairness if you were over there too “Don’t Drink the Water”

beer swilling
drinking beers

Ok, so she had at least two beers, (sort of looks like the woman next to her had a few more than that, ahh har harrgg, harggrrhh,

But in all seriousness,