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We have to ask, Can Donald Trump lead a nation?

This is the question that the media are most concerned about.

It is a valid question and one that we just don’t know for sure.

America is tired of politicians that speak words that sound good but are not from the heart or the head.

In days past the media could easily develop a narrative that most people would believe was true even if the truth was far and away from what the media were broadcasting.

They routinely stretch the truth, dramatize and sensationalize, in short they produce entertainment with a twist.

The biggest problem we face when choosing the next president is the fact that strong leadership is the only thing that will or even could save this nation from decline.

Some might say even prayer would not be out of the question were facing serious issues and congress is not acting in the best interest of the American people.

That is also a fact.

We have leaders in congress that are incapable of strong leadership.

The truth is trusting the future of this nation to one man is a big deal.

If the right man or woman leads and brings a team together that is educated and competent in their field of study then changes can become reality.



The biggest issue were facing right now is that reality is not on the news.