Ben Carson

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IT seems that the more the biased, (allegedly) news media attempt to improperly enter the race advocating a candidate they prefer over the choice of all americans, the more popular the anti candidate becomes.

Take Ben Carson for a great example.

Dr. Ben Carson is constantly under attack by the lame duck media.

They try the entire length of any interview to pepper the conversation with ignorant foolish questions that no one wants to hear…

Why is that?

Simple they want to minimize the impact that Dr Carson has on the public.

The only problem is that Dr. Carson is the smartest person in the room at all of these interviews, this frustrates the media.

They can’t stand it when someone has more brain power than they do.


So, when it comes down to it, we know that there are serious problems that effect the issues that the media tend to gravitate to even when there is nothing at all of substance to discuss.


It is so refreshing to see someone actually make sense…

What would America be like with a great leader and a great man?

Lets find out because we know what Washington is like with cowards and fools in charge.